Monday, March 22, 2010

Without Umbrellas

"Without Umbrellas"
He is looking for the gem in the bottom of a bucket
he forgot to fill
She is trying to make the guilty feel sorry for her loss
she has caused herself
And we are all watching and we wait on the train to crash
which we are riding on
And no one ever thinks to question their reasons knowing
that they are all wrong
So what's the point?
And what's the meaning to our strife?
And why complain?
We all stand out in the rain
without umbrellas
and then cry when we get wet

He is building up a castle with the sand that he collects
down by the shore
She is putting on the masks and playing pretty with the
toys that look like her
And we are laughing as we all are tumbling right over the edge
we carved in stone
And no one pauses when they see the bottom rushing up to face
them and it's not their home
So what's the point?
What is the meaning to our lives?
And why complain?
We are standing out in the rain
without umbrellas
and then cry when we get wet

Somebody better wise up and put their walls up
and build a damn roof
Somebody better quit complaining and start the draining
of the flooded floors below
and quit the crying
it's our fault for standing in the rain
and stop the whining
we have no umbrellas, why complain?

He is running while his legs have been tied to a tree
that he planted
And she is laughing at this girl who is falling down
as she sees the mirror
And we collide inside of trains because we never bothered
to escape
So what's the point?
We take two steps and then three back
What's the meaning?
There's no point to crying when we lack
the sense to do it right
Don't stand out in the rain unless you want
to get wet tonight
Don't worry about me
I'm wearing rain boots

originally written on 10/25/09 by elizabeth azpurua

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