Friday, September 27, 2013

The Autumn Grief is the Swords of Winter

swords of winter come I know
to cut my insides out
your wielding arm should show
me, I am doomed
no doubt;
the ravens cry, the sentinels stand
to testify of this plan
where I shall falter in the broken branches
and find a hollow hand;
breathless, enchanted moments gone
erase the place we laid;
upon an alter I will be done
like I'm a torn out page -
subtle rage
accounted for but not numbered or named;
you listen in but do not speak
watching like a ghost in the corner
but you leave me weak -
you never speak -
shout it out! levy my anger,
sell it to a devil in the dark;
let him eat for all of winter;
he can ignite that spark;
inside I'm waiting to unfurl
but my soul feels hollow;
the whispers of the wind they say
remind me again tomorrow
when the leaves all whirl
in a whirlwind of rage
to mark the moments of
my forgotten age,
and you will stand, tall
and sure and dark
like a stone stacked wall
washed clean and stark;
I will stand below in tangled trees
with cuts on arms and
scraped up knees
clad in leaves;
the air will be cold and smell of doom
like it always has before,
when the swords of winter cut me down
to settle their score;
my soul feels hollow like a worn out tree
in a forest of forgotten things
settled on the fact that I shall be
killed by you mercilessly
oh, the autumn grief;
darkened, doomed, devil's den -
listen, but never speak again;
if words are meant for waking carrion
I shall never wake again

By: Elizabeth Azpurua

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Midnight Spider

"Midnight Clarity"

Why does it seem clarity is an after midnight thing
where you're forced to face the fact
the one you want doesn't want you back,
and the one you need you just don't want?
You're dodging bullets like an elephant
and you're feeling pain you let yourself feel
by chasing things that just weren't real.
There are no midnight unicorns,
just wishes dressed as horses wearing horns



"Spider In The Rain"

Why does it seem I'm hateful and I'm wasted on you now?
You say I'm such a wrong one, tell me oh, tell me how
because I see it like this: I been begging on these knees
for some porridge or a pot of money making beans
and I need some institution that can fix my troubled mind
oh, tell me why you think I've been unkind?
Lately, I been scrambling like a spider in the rain
hurrying to save my web and stop all my pain
You think I am hateful and I am the mean one
but you are not offering me anything now, hun
So tell me I am the wrong one when I'm barely here
hanging on by a single thread caught inside of fear
I need a magic bush to grant me daily bread
and a genie bottle love, to save me from my dread
I need an institution to fix my troubled mind
but you are telling me I am never kind
I been down and I been hurt and scared
With my luck, how would you have faired?
I been scrambling like a spider in the rain
tangled, caught, and out of luck; insane


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

You Can't Have Me Crawling

"Silent Crawling"

I feel like rocks have been tied to my toes
and my shoes are full of lead
and my eyes are full of holes
I feel like I been draggin' myself across the ground
for too long now
and I can't make a sound
Should I be like the rubble left behind?
Should I be like a tree planted firm,
never moving, always stern?
I am sifting my fingers through the dirt
for a rope to pull me out
but no, no, never now
I feel like weights have been tied to my eyes
closing them tight to see
and I am blinded from the light
That might have led me to my tunnel's end
but I have found
I've been draggin' me too long now
Should I be like the towers crashed behind me?
Should I be like the rain falling,
drenching, drowning everything?
I am clenching my fists in dirt unable to find
that rope to pull me out
and save my life
I can't get ahead, and I stay behind, and why?
Because these weights upon me won't let me try
and I have been draggin' myself for far too long
without a rope to help me, I am just not strong
So tell me....should I be like the rubble left behind?
Should I be like a tree planted firm,
never moving, always stern?
Should I be like the towers crashed behind me?
Should I be like the rain falling,
drenching, drowning everything?
But I'm here silent and crawling



"You Can't Have Me"

you want my body, Sir
and nothing more
you do not want my soul for sure

you want to feel me, Sir
because of my allure
for your lust there is no cure

but you do not want me to speak
don't want my soul, or me to think
you do not want my sharp mind
you only want me for my behind

thank you kindly, Sir
I am worth more
you can keep your pants on for sure

you can't have me, Sir
forget about my allure
I will offer you no cure

I can't be silenced or shut up
don't dare call me Buttercup
or Mami, or Baby, or Woman, or Doll
do not text, email, or call
do not show up at my door
don't dare treat me like a whore
I am worth so much more
you can't have me, Sir


Thursday, September 12, 2013

No More Anymore

     my love was - sought for
       like a lover but done for
     I am unwitting and I am sore
but who says, oh who says more?

 should she linger?, no - she shan't now
       does his finger hold the power now?
       did the dam break the new day?
oh, come again, oh come what may

E'r the dawning comes like cold rain
      awash our souls in the bitter pain
  does it hurt now? something says yes
and burns the soul as it aches the chest

           my love was - just a wish
like I spent time awaiting a wish
  to be born from the edge of this
        in an escaping sigh or a kiss

    shall they linger?, no - they should not
let them wander or lost or become forgot
like a day, or dawn, or a ray, or gone -
 said the silence, said the silent dawn
    in a whimper, or a whisper, or a song
    she said come what may, come along
Oh, be still, oh unsure, but tarry on
      and wait for the rain to be gone
      linger just enough 'til the dawn

      my love was - silence now
    to be burnt in my flesh how?
Like a live wire, a lightning bolt of pain
should I let it mark and scar and remain?
     I am unwitting and I am sore
  and I do not want this anymore

I cannot want it at all  - no, no more
           no, I cannot want it anymore


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Armored Butterfly

You stumbled upon me on a leaf
I was alone; you offered relief
I, a strange caterpillar, in a world of green
Amidst all the others who seemed so mean
So we danced among flowers all day
Alive and free, you taught me to play
But it all ended so soon -
When you left, I became a cocoon
And I felt swallowed by darkness
Utterly consumed by that madness
Wondering why you left me to die
Trapped inside hell wondering why
I fought and I fell and I gave in
Deciding that the cocoon would win
When suddenly I felt such a strength
Inside my veins, through all my length
I felt alive and much stronger
I would not be captive any longer
I burst forth with wings of iron and steel
With such power inside that made me heal
Your leaving did not cause me to die
Because I became an armored butterfly


Poem by Elizabeth Azpurua
Inspired by Alex Bach

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Can't Fall Anymore

Your lashes hold your eyes of lies
with subtle flickering demise
my soul used to fall for those false little lapses
but I have recovered from my heart's collapses
I am not who I once was before
I am wiser and bolder and more

Your laughter beguiles from you
like it wishes to stick to me like glue
and cover my reason and all of my sense
with promises of a white picket fence
but I can't fall for that anymore
I am not who I once was before

Shut your mouth, Sir, don't speak
you are coming across as weak
my soul used to fall for your stories of life
and your begging me to become your wife
I am wiser and bolder and more
so I won't fall for you like before

Your whispers and your fingertips
Your smiles and lies from your lips
can't cover my reason nor all of my sense
cannot take down my walls or my defense
I am not who I once was before
I can't fall for you anymore