Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Ship Is Mine

i held my tongue for so long
i held back my words for a song
i couldn't speak when you got near
too much overflowing for you to hear
and the wind blew
and then i knew

no matter what may come
no matter the waves i'll fight
i know this ship is mine
i know this ship is mine
i became the one to set sail here
i know this ship is mine
and i won't abandon it in fear

you make me forget my curse
remind me it could always be worse
you keep me focused on myself
and you keep me here in better health
when the wind blows
suddenly troubles go

no matter what can come
no matter what i'll fight
i know this ship is mine
i know this ship is mine
i am the one setting sail here
i know this ship is mine
and no matter what i might fear
i know i will be fine

you teach me to battle the ocean
with you i learned true emotion
i became who i really am
when you told me who i am
i took off the mask for you
you teach me to ride out the waves
and you are my anchor on bad days
i know i am safer by your side
and together it's an easier ride
i got this ship from you

no matter what may come
i know this ship is mine
the one you helped me find
no matter what i fight
i know this ship feels right
i have gone and set sail here
i know this ship is mine
and i'll never abandon in fear
it's gonna be alright

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heaven For Me

I want to slide inside a bed by an ocean breeze
Tease in provocative words on my knees
Test out the waters for some glorious fun
and let my hair down and go for a run
I don't wanna think, no I don't
I would like to never say 'I wont'
If I could sneak off and be somebody else I would
if I could
There are marvels and mysteries
and clothing to buy
There is men a plenty and I wont deny
That for a summer to be wild and free and alive
Would be just what the doc said would help me survive
I wanna drink the exotic and learn the erotic
Rock climb and scuba dive
I wanna learn the poetic and gain new aesthetic
and when I finally run out of time
I will declare I shall drink a little wine
and devour chocolates divine
This would quite possibly be like heaven for me
If I could only allow myself ecstasy


Friday, July 22, 2011

No Logic, Just Actions

I'm not coming up with reasons
I'm not speaking for the noise
I'm not giving propositions
and you always had a choice
Give me one little moment
I will change your weary thoughts
I always practiced patience
but I learned all I forgot
I will take back my musings
I will not force your hand
I like things that aren't confusing
So now dear, please understand
I want with a want that isn't thoughtful
I need with a need that has no strings
I'll not label out the reasons this is right or
paint a picture of all that we can be
I'll just push you down
so my thoughts aren't bound
to reason or logic or right
I'll just push you down
pin you to the ground
with an enthusiastic bite

by Elizabeth Azpurua

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ruddy Mad Hatter

"Mad Hatter Love"

you make my heart go pitter patter
and i'm crazy like the mad hatter
got no clue what i am gonna do
but you are ticklin' my fancy, you
you go my pulse sped up and jumpin'
and my whole body is feelin' a thrummin'
and there goes the tap tap tap of my heartbeat
i hang on your every word on the edge of my seat
i think you struck me down
and i am held so bound
by your captivating glances
makin' me want to take new chances
hold me down since i might just float away
crazy and foolish i think you make me stay




Hey you with the hazel eyes
Mr. Ruddy I
wanna stay with you
I want to see you smile, stay for a while
and let me laugh with you
Hey you with the wicked eyes
Say you'll become my
reason to follow through
I wanna see your wicked grin, don't pretend
that you don't want to
Hey you with the hazel eyes
Mr. Ruddy I
need to lay by you
I wanna see the stars and feel safe from harm
hold me close to you
just stay right here


by: me

Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Eagles

So it goes, when you twist and break your bones
I am bent over telephone poles
and seeking sunny skies
I'm pulling wagon wheels
and you're scraping for better meals while they sit and cut your hair
There are opossums a'plenty and banjos galore
and seasons that change before you had asked for more
There are red laces in green grass and eagles to your right
with victims in their sharp beaks and freedom in their sight
So it goes, when you leap and don't land on your toes
You end up bleeding in your roles
and seeing every one's lies
You're getting sick on dandelion weeds
and using toothpicks to cut away the reeds down by this pond
There is nothing more for you here other than the tombstones
and runners leaping barriers while seeking higher thrones
There's balloons forgotten in the trees and eagles to your right
their eyes are saying you are the fool while freedom was in sight
So it goes, you come just like the new wind blows
while I have been digging a dozen holes
to say just how time flies
I was making wooden baby cribs
and singing lullabies in worn out wigs beside this forgotten place
There is nothing but the weeds and wagons, boots and dragons here
and runners singing folklore songs while grinning ear to ear
There's dandelions in my hair and a scar across my heart
while you are looking at the markings left after the part
There's blood in patches on the porch and eagles to your right
with banners blaspheming folly and mocking the freedom in your sight
Since you ran away and left it good and dead
when you never even heard a word I'd said
about broken bones and bitter words and bread


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Poison and a Hearse

those stars just don't seem to ever cross
and the bridges I burnt are a formidable loss
the echoes of past times are a sickening sound
and when you enter here my head spins around
there is no light in these darkened rooms
I choke and die within your toxic fumes
you let me crawl across the floor in agony
and never give me any of your mercy
and now those stars rain down like evil fire
and all the reasons I held onto become dire
you breathe the poison into me like a curse
and then call for me a long black hearse
and watch as I'm taken in a coffin of loss
bearing the emblem of a broken cross
so my lifeless form will remember the sickening sound
of the love that I sought after and never found


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Catch My Breath this Summer

"Catch My Breath"

is it worth all the endings
all the walls?
is it worth all the beginnings
and broken falls?
give me a moment to catch my breath
and I'll tell you everything
from the movement of your shoulders
to your smile
from the ending of my troubles
and the miles
you have crossed just to make me catch my breath
and say all I need to say to you
that I love you, I do
and yet you throw me down the hill again
break me, bend me, until I end
you crash me here across this floor
and I keep coming back for more
is it worth all of the endings?
is it worth all of the miles?
can inside the new beginnings
I hold onto a smile?
inside of every moment
you make me stop and catch my breath
and I will tell you every second
that I love you ....
to death



"Summer Love"

skip, hop and fall
Jump up and embrace these summer skies
and when the hot summer grasses grow
look me in the eyes
leap, dive and fall
into you


By: Elizabeth Azpurua