Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heaven For Me

I want to slide inside a bed by an ocean breeze
Tease in provocative words on my knees
Test out the waters for some glorious fun
and let my hair down and go for a run
I don't wanna think, no I don't
I would like to never say 'I wont'
If I could sneak off and be somebody else I would
if I could
There are marvels and mysteries
and clothing to buy
There is men a plenty and I wont deny
That for a summer to be wild and free and alive
Would be just what the doc said would help me survive
I wanna drink the exotic and learn the erotic
Rock climb and scuba dive
I wanna learn the poetic and gain new aesthetic
and when I finally run out of time
I will declare I shall drink a little wine
and devour chocolates divine
This would quite possibly be like heaven for me
If I could only allow myself ecstasy


1 comment:

  1. This is one of those poems I nearly missed -- and I'm glad I didn't. The imagery is perfect. It's a beautiful poem that bespeaks a part of us as humans that we too often neglect. I'd say embrace a little of the ecstasy. It's definitely good for you.