Saturday, July 2, 2011

Catch My Breath this Summer

"Catch My Breath"

is it worth all the endings
all the walls?
is it worth all the beginnings
and broken falls?
give me a moment to catch my breath
and I'll tell you everything
from the movement of your shoulders
to your smile
from the ending of my troubles
and the miles
you have crossed just to make me catch my breath
and say all I need to say to you
that I love you, I do
and yet you throw me down the hill again
break me, bend me, until I end
you crash me here across this floor
and I keep coming back for more
is it worth all of the endings?
is it worth all of the miles?
can inside the new beginnings
I hold onto a smile?
inside of every moment
you make me stop and catch my breath
and I will tell you every second
that I love you ....
to death



"Summer Love"

skip, hop and fall
Jump up and embrace these summer skies
and when the hot summer grasses grow
look me in the eyes
leap, dive and fall
into you


By: Elizabeth Azpurua

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