Thursday, March 28, 2013


...there need not be, this apathy
nor this need to come out angrily
like you perceive this sinful thing
when there's no sin inside loving
so shelter your woes and hold your head
while stomping on the words we've said
but better yet, come take our hands
together tightening loving strands
...but you shall carry those battle flags
signs with words that rhyme with rags
like you perceive this sinful thing
where there's no sin inside loving
so shatter your reservations and move on
instead of mocking these folks for wrong
far better is to come take our hands
together tightening loving strands
...for what are these claims and these shouts?
nothing but hate, displays of your inner doubts
like you perceive this sinful thing
when there's no sin inside loving
so shrug off this nonsense upon you now
let go of hurting and reclaim your vow
to love and to take our hands
together tightening loving strands
of this tapestry we all call life

By: Elizabeth Azpurua

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Languid Floating

My lips across her shoulder
taste her collar bone
her lashes spell out longing
and say "don't leave me alone"
Her hair is on my shoulder
it intertwines with mine
I fear I am dreaming
please don't give me a sign
I just want to hold her
nearer to me still
and wake with her come morning
laying there until
the words that I will whisper
remind her of our dream
where we were languid floating
in skin colored like cream

By: Elizabeth Azpurua

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Platinum Butterfly Again

"Like a Butterfly"

Raise your voice if it breaks
if it fails to utter the words the way you wished
Don't let their hands cover you now
You are like a butterfly that flies through
the meadow to show
that though there be one thousand bees
buzzing to and fro
you will be the one with gentle wings
silently to come and go
Raise your voice if it breaks
if it fails to be given chance the way you wanted
Don't let their arms hold you down
You are like a butterfly that settles on a flower
in a meadow just to show
that though there be one thousand bees
buzzing to and fro
you will be the one with gentle wings
who's beauty softly comes to bestow




They're all fools in playful clothes
like clowns dressed for a show
In button ups and brighter shades
and some shall wear a bow
She's made of plastic and he's made of paper
Yet you call them like your own
While you're made of platinum, but you don't see it
Shame...look what they've done
They're all drones in line of color
like puppets being played for a crowd
In button ups and brighter shades
and painted faces vivid and loud
She's made of plaster and he's made of pinstripes
Yet you call them like your own
While you're made of platinum, but you don't see it
Shame...look what they've done
They parade about on strings in bright colored things
in a show made for a crowd screaming loud
they dance like fools and clowns button up and bright
with swirls and colored hair and polka dots and stripes
And there you are all platinum, precious; you shine
Like a beacon sticking out at the end of the line
You have no strings but mimic them
Such a damned shame
For fools like them to take your rarity
Where shall I place this blame?



"Alive Again"

Your radiance, your alabaster
you're contagious
with laughter that trickles in
my whispering soul
hiding out inside carrion
you laugh and like the
I come alive again


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Learn to Fly

He pushed you off the ledge, didn't he?
He flew with you a while, I did see
He became your wings
and your will to fly
Then he left you there to fall and die
I've been on the ledge before, you see
Several men before have pushed me
They gave me wings
so I could fly
Then they left me to fall from the sky
I've been where you are so to speak
falling from heights to make you weak
and still you long for the wings
that held you aloft so long
I've been where you are in a sense
where falling could never recompense
the gift that was those wings
that gave freedom for so long
But darling, you must learn to glide
whether with wings or the strength to survive
there's nothing but air around you
and the threat of the ground below you
so embrace the wind, embrace the sky
and soon you will learn on your own to fly
Stay clear of the ledges and don't look down
someday someone will come around
and fly by you
they'll fly by you
with wings they earned on their own
because they had to

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shiver White Moth

"Paint it White"

Burn my retinas
in a startling white
paint my horizon
and cover that light
the color that comes again
each setting night
and reminds me of a friend
so paint it white
paint it white, white, white
and burn it bright
until finally
I go blind


"Moths Corrupt"

Too many months and holes appear
the moth ate the clothes hanging here
so little holes let in the cold
let in the light
and now look old
Too many months and moths corrupt



Shiver but no cover
no lover, no guide, no guardian
no feather for a pillow filled with stones
no leg to stand upon on your own
Shiver but no shelter
no helper, no friend, never someone
no pitcher for your water to quench your thirst
no one to hold is just the worst
So you shiver and you shake
laying there wide awake
dreaming of a lover or a friend
a helper or a healer a guardian
Shiver on your own because you chose it
Funny how shivering was not your wish

Monday, March 11, 2013


Hold aloft the candle and just let it flicker out
you're the wind in the willows
and the spreading of my doubt
then you cradle me, tenderly
before you let me fall endlessly

Your whispering words from beguiling lips
weave stories 'round me
of truth that does not exist
Brush my hair away softly
with fingers untrustworthy

The hands inside your pockets hide the sin
of stolen love and innocence
you had always hoped to win
Your eyes are hiding sorcery
Your days are numbered over me

Just lock my doors and shut me out
inside your garden blooming in doubt
I shall sit inside these darkened days

Your woven lies and bag of tricks
discarded with blown out candle wicks
testify to the error of your ways

Silently I'll fall endlessly
from your hands of sorcery

By: Elizabeth Azpurua

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Ones You Never Knew

He tells me I'm good lookin'
says he reads my poems
says he loves my hair
says he loves my arms
says he wants to hold me close
expounds upon my dreams
but really he just wants inside these seams

She tells me she loves me so
says she wants to get to know me
says she needs to spend more time
says she needs her family
she doesn't want the doors to close
for all her hopeful dreams
but really she just wants cash to buy her things

She says she's got my back forever
says she'll always stand by me
says no one can take my place
says she tells me everything
says she always wants to stay close
to fulfill all of her dreams
but she never quite says all that she means

He tells me I'm his truest friend
says he loves the weird I am
says he truly gets my life
in ways only that he can
says he will always stay close
still following my dreams
but all he really wants are carnal things

She says she loves me dearly now
says she stands up for my good
says she sees the best in me
saying she's done all she could
says she likes to stay real close
she believes in my dreams
but with a knife in my back shows what she means

He says I'm ever beautiful
says I am going to be his only
says he'll never stray again
he will prove this to me
he just wants to hold me close
to end up in my dreams
but all he wants are his hands beneath these seams

So, they want to strip me bare
and own me as their own
Or take all my money now
and everything I've known
Their knives are in my back
and their voices behind me, too
Saying what they will
while they're saying that they're true
But all I really know now
is what I always knew
The ones you let in close
are often the ones you never knew

Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Spoon

Diddle for a diddle, I said 'hey!'
A fiddle for the damned cat to play
Where did the moon go?
The cow wants to know
The dog is still laughing
and he probably knows
where that dish ran away with my spoon
Diddle for a diddle, I don't want to play
Tell the damned cat to just run away
I cannot even see the moon
nor listen to the cow moo
The dog is now barking
for he probably can tell
the dish is going to get hell
Where is my spoon?
Where is my spoon?
Hey, no diddle for a diddle
I'll break the cat's fiddle
The cow can go find her moon
The little dog is dead and the
dish will be soon
for she ran away with my spoon