Saturday, March 23, 2013

Learn to Fly

He pushed you off the ledge, didn't he?
He flew with you a while, I did see
He became your wings
and your will to fly
Then he left you there to fall and die
I've been on the ledge before, you see
Several men before have pushed me
They gave me wings
so I could fly
Then they left me to fall from the sky
I've been where you are so to speak
falling from heights to make you weak
and still you long for the wings
that held you aloft so long
I've been where you are in a sense
where falling could never recompense
the gift that was those wings
that gave freedom for so long
But darling, you must learn to glide
whether with wings or the strength to survive
there's nothing but air around you
and the threat of the ground below you
so embrace the wind, embrace the sky
and soon you will learn on your own to fly
Stay clear of the ledges and don't look down
someday someone will come around
and fly by you
they'll fly by you
with wings they earned on their own
because they had to

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