Thursday, October 29, 2015

My Thunderstorm

You were caught inside my thunderstorm 
Twisted, nearly broke your arm 
Hail was breaking all your armor down 
Lightning emblazoned on me like a crown
You said I terrified you like a demon
As if I was the goddess of a pagan heathen
I told you dance
Dance in the rain
You said you felt the iron of my hellish gaze
I told you run
Then run away
You said my lightning had left you blind in a daze
You were caught inside my thunderstorm
Battered, you couldn't perform
Thunder shattered all your walls down
I was wreathed by a lightning crown
You called me evil- I'm a demon
I said you followed no such religion
I told you dance
Dance in the rain
You said you couldn't bear the sting of my thunderous ways
I told you run
Just run away
You said I was lightning and haunted all your days
So just run
Run away
My thunderstorm is building power in a craze
And I will dance
Dance in my rain
My lightning crown upon my head I will raise
Trapped inside my thunderstorm
Twisted, shattered, in my final form

by: Elizabeth Azpurua