Saturday, November 26, 2011


I was branded, marked and scarred
I was handed hell inside a jar
My innocence had fled beneath a moon
My blurry eyes sought you in the gloom
And you changed my whole outlook
And you changed everything I partook of
You became the reason I am healing
and then you dropped me from the ceiling to the floor

I was broken, bruised and left alone
I made of a broken house my home
My errors were plain for you to see them
But you soon helped me attain freedom
You changed my entire perception of life
You changed my whole reason to try
You became the reason I reach to the top
and it was all OK until you let me drop to the floor

But you came and you lifted me back up
I was bitter, hurt and sore, but you helped me out
I learned from you what to forgive meant
and my love became heaven sent

I am jaded, fabricated and a fool
And for you I've broken every rule
You open up these tired eyes and I see hope
You broaden my horizon with a better sense of scope
And you change the world I can see
You change it all and you create a better me
And you lift me up and you take me so high
This time you let me know you won't let me die on the floor
No, not any more


Friday, November 25, 2011

Falling In Love is Like War Raged by Dragons

It was caged, and barred and boarded up
and chained away
and you set it free
with your creation
and it burst into flames, vibrant and encompassing
and suddenly descending
from my home in those clouds
and like wars raged by dragons
spinning, downward like eagles
fiery and burning
in powder, ash, and the cosmic chemical that erases sense
this force inside flashes through skies of azure
delving deeper, seeping through my being
this endless, eternal flight spiralling down
like dragons coupling in the sky
the descent is fiery, like powder and ash
the remnants mark the fall of my heart
and the beginning of erasing my reason
in flames and my fall from the heavens
this fiery, burning
like a war of dragons
consumes as I near bottom
this thing called
"falling in love"
leaves me scorched
like powder and ash
and my descent becomes my grave
in this fiery ending

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Leave the Coins Here

"Counting Coins"

I can't help the fact that
I feel like I'm last
on your list
I feel sometimes as though
I do not exist
You keep counting coins here
like they pile up
with meanings
but maybe you
the wrong currency
I can't help the fact that
I feel slightly used
by you at times
I get the feeling you take for granted
my honest lines
You keep counting out those coins
and they won't add up
with meaning
perhaps you have the wrong coins?
I wish you would let them be
but the choice is not
up to me
So I never quite am the first
always feeling hurt
not added up



"Come Here"

Come here boy, I gotta' say, I don't know what to do
I been waiting here all along
waiting here on you
I been here and I been there, I been all around
But you got my tongue tied where I can't make a sound
I see far and I see wide and I see in between
But I can't see exactly what this all should mean
I keep waitin' for who knows what
and I won't let it go
I been wanting you so much and God only knows
I keep askin' for a dream and I can't make you see
I been standing here alone, standing here I'll be
Come here boy, I must say, I really want to be
somehow the only one that you'd like to need
I wanna be your lover not just your friend
but standing here and waitin' is bound to be my end
Take my hand and tell me so
Tell me we can try
For the better part of nothing is how I waste my time
Come here boy, come here now
and tell me it's OK
for I'm waitin' here and I can't stand to wait another day




I can't speak
it's why there are these words here
to hold my emotions
and keep them sheltered here
I can't communicate
I've been told I'm terrible
the worst yet
I make them miserable
and they all leave
Will you leave?
I make them want to leave it all
Will you leave also?
I can't breathe
when I try to say what you mean to me here
I can't breathe
and that's why I exist right here
I am a tongue tied fool
Quite terrible and unforgivable
the worst it seems
I make them hate it all
and they all leave
Will you go too?
I make them miss it all
and they go by
Will you go by, too?
I wish I could tell you
How much I love you
but words fail me
and come out in poorly written poems
So, they sit here
holding my ability to speak and breathe
holding my ability to communicate anything
and holding all my hopes that you won't leave


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dancing Still

Perfect, I am not perfect
What are you seeking?
Why isn't it me?
Graceful, is not who I am
I don't understand
what you planned
to do with me
So, tell me what is this all about?
I am not your ideal, I know
Tell me why are we dancing still
when the music is over
and the weather's cold?
Perfect, I am not perfect
What are you needing?
Is it not me?
Grateful, oh, how I am careful
to tell you how wonderful
you are to me
So, hold me, hold me regardless
I know I am not your ideal
And listen, listen, the music is over
But we're dancing still
And we're dancing still


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Write About Powerful Volcanic Love

"Give Them a Reason to Write"

Darling, I do believe we're chasing our own dreams
I believe we are startled
when we come across each other's eyes
the shadows die
and we're done for
I see in you a reflection of myself
I seen in you a perfection of your self
I see in us a reason for people to write love poems
So, darling, tell me when our dreams will meet

Darling, I know you're holding onto your seems
Left torn asunder
when she left you broken hearted there
all alone
and let down
I see in you a reflection of my past
I see in you all that has come to pass
I know they'll see in us reasons to write love songs
So, tell me darling, when do we write our own?



"Volcanic Love"

I desire you, like fire, brimstone
and rain
coated in acid
I want you to consume
I want to be consumed
by you
I desire to be owned, controlled
take over
I want to be erased but left
only with you
I desire you like volcanic eruptions
destroy me
Consume me
I want to be eaten up by your love
Consumed by your entirety
I want to be swallowed up in all that ends me
I desire you like the fire, brimstone
and scorching flames
upon me
Take me now
Take me now
Burn my slow all the way down
I need you like I never needed anything
Consume me
consume me
like it's my ending
Just take all of me here
and I'll become one with you




soft and delicate
i never was
i am ironclad
and harsh
it's in your hands
this power
to undo me
my walls
it's in your breath
this essence
to control me
my heart
i was like
the ice
i was like
the steel
i was like
the cold
and your hands
they touched
they felt
the delved
and i
where i become
like melting
and free
yet so powerful
the way
you make

By Elizabeth Azpurua

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Winds of Change

The winds of change are blowing through and everything is taking on a different hue
What once filled me full of glad is leaving me somewhat sad
The place I set aside for hope is left with a dangling rope
and the eyes I wished to see each day seem farther and farther and farther away
Oh, what will come within this breeze?
A softer, gentler, kind of ease?
Or shall I toil and fight for gain and battle harsh and bitter rain?
I fear my soul is floating on to a fresh and greener lawn
where on that other side I'll see the things that were meant for me
Yet, here is but a dangling rope where once had been a place of hope
Here is sorrow covering glad and smothering me in 'always sad'
I wish to find a happier place
and perhaps a happier face
I hope these winds of change bring peace
Oh, what will come within this breeze?

by: me

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Call me stupid
Call me a fool
Call me hurtful
Call me cruel
I am running and running still
but not away anymore
I am seeking a hill

Call me evil
Call me cold
Call me strange
Call me old
I am looking and looking still
but not at you
I must find that hill

Say what you will
Deny what you'll never say
Cross out my heart
I care neither way
I am born again in seeking
and seeking is for keeps
I am looking for that castle
the one that never sleeps
Lay aside all your pointed fingers
and your laughing and your tears
I never meant any harm
Searching all these years

Call me crazy
Call me sad
Call me useless
Call me mad
but don't get in my way
as I keep on keeping on
until that blissful day
when I'm home again
Home again
Just around this bend
and right over this hill


She's the Devil

She's a viper in the nest
a poison for your mouth
a sealed lipped kiss
and a ticket way down south
Her bosom is a mirage
sent to lead you to your doom
and inside her coffin says
"Here lies your tomb"
She's a master of disguise
and her words are shaped like stones
bruised upon your body
and building up her thrones
Set atop her high chair
she shall watch you fall asleep
into a deathly nightmare
where her madness you will reap
She's a nasty little devil
and a demon plays her song
when she wakes up each morning
the evils follow her along
Her echo chases for you
and chokes your withering ears
left scarred from her whippings
you have born the marks for years
She's a bottomless well to fall through
She's an electric coated fence
She's a potion you can die from
Body aching, bones so tense
as you cough up your heart
and it spills out on the floor
she'll pick it up and eat it
always demanding more
So, you better run for cover
Lock your windows and seal the walls
Never open up for her
and don't you heed her calls
She's a wicked little secret
you never knew was true
now she is coming here for victims
She's coming here for you

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nothing but the Guilty and No Loyalty

"Not Guilty"

These matches, they're left behind
inside this rubble of the burnt spaces in my mind
I know who lit them
I know you lit them
This mess, you burnt away my world
thought it was your revenge against the word
It's all his name
You hate his name
So you burn away the places he could linger
And accuse and mock and point with every finger
How can you blame me?
As if I'm guilty?
It's not my fault things don't work out, little one
Don't blame me for all the damage that's been done
I see these ashes
I have the matches
I'm not guilty



"Nothing Holds On"

and the road won't lead home
and the leaves still fall
and the sky stills rains
and the water's gone
and the trees bear no fruit
and the seasons come too fast
and nothing is holding on
nor are you
and the doors don't open
and the bills pile high
and the storms never stop
and the time goes by and by
and the memories fade
and the seasons come too fast
and nothing is holding on
nor are you



seeps away as if this
bucket has a hole now
and if I cannot patch it
what shall be left
for you and I?

By Elizabeth Azpurua