Saturday, November 5, 2011

She's the Devil

She's a viper in the nest
a poison for your mouth
a sealed lipped kiss
and a ticket way down south
Her bosom is a mirage
sent to lead you to your doom
and inside her coffin says
"Here lies your tomb"
She's a master of disguise
and her words are shaped like stones
bruised upon your body
and building up her thrones
Set atop her high chair
she shall watch you fall asleep
into a deathly nightmare
where her madness you will reap
She's a nasty little devil
and a demon plays her song
when she wakes up each morning
the evils follow her along
Her echo chases for you
and chokes your withering ears
left scarred from her whippings
you have born the marks for years
She's a bottomless well to fall through
She's an electric coated fence
She's a potion you can die from
Body aching, bones so tense
as you cough up your heart
and it spills out on the floor
she'll pick it up and eat it
always demanding more
So, you better run for cover
Lock your windows and seal the walls
Never open up for her
and don't you heed her calls
She's a wicked little secret
you never knew was true
now she is coming here for victims
She's coming here for you

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