Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Leave the Coins Here

"Counting Coins"

I can't help the fact that
I feel like I'm last
on your list
I feel sometimes as though
I do not exist
You keep counting coins here
like they pile up
with meanings
but maybe you
the wrong currency
I can't help the fact that
I feel slightly used
by you at times
I get the feeling you take for granted
my honest lines
You keep counting out those coins
and they won't add up
with meaning
perhaps you have the wrong coins?
I wish you would let them be
but the choice is not
up to me
So I never quite am the first
always feeling hurt
not added up



"Come Here"

Come here boy, I gotta' say, I don't know what to do
I been waiting here all along
waiting here on you
I been here and I been there, I been all around
But you got my tongue tied where I can't make a sound
I see far and I see wide and I see in between
But I can't see exactly what this all should mean
I keep waitin' for who knows what
and I won't let it go
I been wanting you so much and God only knows
I keep askin' for a dream and I can't make you see
I been standing here alone, standing here I'll be
Come here boy, I must say, I really want to be
somehow the only one that you'd like to need
I wanna be your lover not just your friend
but standing here and waitin' is bound to be my end
Take my hand and tell me so
Tell me we can try
For the better part of nothing is how I waste my time
Come here boy, come here now
and tell me it's OK
for I'm waitin' here and I can't stand to wait another day




I can't speak
it's why there are these words here
to hold my emotions
and keep them sheltered here
I can't communicate
I've been told I'm terrible
the worst yet
I make them miserable
and they all leave
Will you leave?
I make them want to leave it all
Will you leave also?
I can't breathe
when I try to say what you mean to me here
I can't breathe
and that's why I exist right here
I am a tongue tied fool
Quite terrible and unforgivable
the worst it seems
I make them hate it all
and they all leave
Will you go too?
I make them miss it all
and they go by
Will you go by, too?
I wish I could tell you
How much I love you
but words fail me
and come out in poorly written poems
So, they sit here
holding my ability to speak and breathe
holding my ability to communicate anything
and holding all my hopes that you won't leave


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