Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Than a House

Look at you, sad, sad door
Look at you windows holding life no more
Look at you weeds - you think you own here?
Look at you trees, we do not hug you now
Look at these things and what befell it - how?
It was greed, darlings, greed
and we lost the fight

Look at you, sad, sad stairs
Look at you trees, plums and pears
Look at you forgotten flower beds here
Look at you empty walls - alone and cold
Look at your boards, they appear so old
Darlings, we want you, want you
but we lost the fight

So, grow up weeds and take this lawn
Say hello to the birds each dawn
Keep closed your doors and windows, too
and we'll come, and we'll wave at you
So, bear your fruits for us trees
and we'll stop by and see your leaves
Go ahead and let the land be your family
and we'll try not to be so sad for you to see
but we lost the fight
but it's alright
Stand there for all to see....
you're more than a house left abandoned
you're a home that just can't be

By Elizabeth A.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


package it in green
mail it in a box
plaster it on the walls of my future home
carry it in a bouquet to hand to me
and the smell will cheer my soul
gather it in ribbons and wind it through my hair
place it on my pillow every night
sing it in a song and write it in a book
and send it to me on stormy days
graft it in my trees
and plant it in my soil
spray it across my window panes
bury it beneath my doorstep
and curl it in my hair
and make it in a picture frame and hang it here
laugh it in my ear
and smile it in my face
kiss it on my mouth
and cook it for me to taste
take it on a trip and send it in a post card
and if you mail it mail it with a heart
give it to me in a sign on my road
leave it on a note under my door
bring it in a birthday gift
or just because you can
write it on my window
or write it in the sand
carry it on you and wrap it 'round my shoulders
and bake it inside pies
and pour it like a wine and
when it gets hard just bring it if you can
seal it in an envelope and leave it in my box
but just make sure I get it soon
I am perishing without it

by: me

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Concrete Thieves

You've wasted away
half of you is gone
your baby blues
seem wrong
The man I knew
is a shadow
a spectre
Who, who are you?
You were wild and free
running in the trees
Now steal and glass
and concrete thieves
collect your bones
off the pavement steps
Who, who are you?
I recall the ways you made me smile
my sunny summer boy
your words brought me up a while
in joy
I could always count on you to show the bright side
but now it's over
in cigarettes and steal
City lights replaced the stars
and buildings replaced your trees with cars
where are your kitty cats and garden gnomes now?
Your baby blues seem wrong and
you don't seem so strong
I guess the city ate away at you
So much for that
I guess I've said my goodbye to you

by Elizabeth Azpurua

Saturday, May 5, 2012

You Won't

I would walk through fire for you
through ice on bare feet for you
I would fight off one thousand demons for you
would you believe that'd I'd do
I would stand up and defend
I'd be your shield
I would stand and not pretend
I am right here
but no, you know, I know
you won't
oh no, I know you know
that you won't
You won't walk through the fire for me
if it meant to end your life
because you wish to spend it by her side
You won't walk the ice on bare feet for me
because it would ruin your feet you'll use
to run to her when she will choose
You will not fight even one demon for me
you don't believe in that fighting
or anything
You won't stand up or defend
So please do not pretend
You're not here
oh, oh, you know, I know
you won't
I know, I know you know
that you won't
and it hurts more than anything
to know you won't do anything
I would do it all and more for you
but I know you know you wouldn't do it too