Sunday, May 27, 2012


package it in green
mail it in a box
plaster it on the walls of my future home
carry it in a bouquet to hand to me
and the smell will cheer my soul
gather it in ribbons and wind it through my hair
place it on my pillow every night
sing it in a song and write it in a book
and send it to me on stormy days
graft it in my trees
and plant it in my soil
spray it across my window panes
bury it beneath my doorstep
and curl it in my hair
and make it in a picture frame and hang it here
laugh it in my ear
and smile it in my face
kiss it on my mouth
and cook it for me to taste
take it on a trip and send it in a post card
and if you mail it mail it with a heart
give it to me in a sign on my road
leave it on a note under my door
bring it in a birthday gift
or just because you can
write it on my window
or write it in the sand
carry it on you and wrap it 'round my shoulders
and bake it inside pies
and pour it like a wine and
when it gets hard just bring it if you can
seal it in an envelope and leave it in my box
but just make sure I get it soon
I am perishing without it

by: me

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