Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Than a House

Look at you, sad, sad door
Look at you windows holding life no more
Look at you weeds - you think you own here?
Look at you trees, we do not hug you now
Look at these things and what befell it - how?
It was greed, darlings, greed
and we lost the fight

Look at you, sad, sad stairs
Look at you trees, plums and pears
Look at you forgotten flower beds here
Look at you empty walls - alone and cold
Look at your boards, they appear so old
Darlings, we want you, want you
but we lost the fight

So, grow up weeds and take this lawn
Say hello to the birds each dawn
Keep closed your doors and windows, too
and we'll come, and we'll wave at you
So, bear your fruits for us trees
and we'll stop by and see your leaves
Go ahead and let the land be your family
and we'll try not to be so sad for you to see
but we lost the fight
but it's alright
Stand there for all to see....
you're more than a house left abandoned
you're a home that just can't be

By Elizabeth A.

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