Friday, June 24, 2011

Black Throne

I was a kaleidoscope of empathy
Put me under a microscope of apathy
Take away my reasons why
Shut my mind to close my eyes
Your judgements harsh and bitter now
Take my improvements and blur them out
I was sitting in that well; from the bottom where I fell
You pulled me out to tell me how I was a fool
Now I try to make amends
But who am I to pretend?
There isn't any love left here
So go back to your lonely sphere
You left me like an attic toy
You took away my life and joy
And after all these bitter fears
I am counting up all these tears
In an infinite amount I'll see
Just what you had meant to me
I rode a black throne for you
Tried to rule that home with you
So use all your logic here
And tell me so it becomes clear
You never wanted to hold me tight
You only wanted me wound up, right?
I will be free and I will stand tall
In my epiphany I will know it all
Take your silver throne
And leave my one true home
I will remain outside alone
Free to finally roam