Friday, January 29, 2016

Glass Coffin

Fairest of all, you had named me
took a portion of my soul and wove a bed for me
told me to be beautiful
told me to be serene
I saved it all for you, but what of me?

Poisonous and frightful, you came for me
took a knife to my heart and made a grave for me
told me to be beautiful
told me I looked serene
I was the fairest once, but what of me?

A coffin of glass, you had made for me
placed the panes of glass upon the ground just for me
told me to be beautiful
behind the glass I'd be serene
I would lay frozen in my beauty, all of me

By: Elizabeth Azpurua

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Suspend me in Starlight

Suspend me in starlight
Your mouth the anchor to the world
Let darkness caress us as lovers
While we spell secrets in kisses

Elizabeth Azpurua

Friday, January 1, 2016

Let it Go...

Last year, all my supposes were not supposed
First off, in the first quarter, there went my hopes
Next up, second quarter, my heart he broke
Half time, nothing thrilling, perhaps a joke?
Third quarter, I'm exhausted, where's the rope?
Tied a knot, for the last quarter, holding hope
Last year, all my wanting had been disposed
You see, in my needing, I had lost my hopes
From my, my resolve, my voice was choked
Surely, broke my heart, in a jest he spoke?
Third quarter, I'm exhausted, where's the rope?
By the end, last quarter, a knotted rope to choke
But the end comes swiftly, knotted gently, let it go
It's not worth it, better focus, no one needs to know
Better fight on, next year's lights on, onward ho!
Greet the new year with a new cheer not as a foe
Greet the new year without fear, let the past go

Elizabeth Azpurua