Friday, April 30, 2010


I was basking in the sunlight
welcoming the warmth
and feeling high like I was near the clouds
For love
love is like being in full bloom
every day is wonderful
and you feel like you could reach the sky
My friend
I thought I had found in you a jewel
something marvelous and great
and I never felt so high, so high, so high
but suddenly
it seemed you were slolwy
killing me by small degrees
eating all the life from me
what can I do?
My life
I gave all my life to you
touching the edge of sky
I was reaching ever so high
I am held in your hands now
and I'm unable to run or to move
caught inside your threads
you weave away my world, you do
Killing me
you eat away at me
and I can't do anything
until I'm gone
Tell me why love is consuming me
when I was so high, so high, so high?
welcoming the warmth
and dancing with the clouds
and then suddenly
you were killing me
inch by inch until, until I'm gone
So long
and wave goodbye to the sun
and wave goodbye to the sun

By Elizabeth Azpurua

Scrambling From Their Sordid Affair


scrambling for leverage
to find a foothold
and needing the moment
to breathe you in
i am left in this silence
it's erasing my thoughts
leaves breathless and
taking my end
caught twisted in longing
and nothing is real
take me over
to breathe you in
i am battling stillness
and parading my sorrows
leaves me echoing senseless and
breaking to bend
i'm climbing to reach you
but meeting dead ends


"Sordid Affair"

Such foolish games like a child
in a clown costume
you leave yourself in stupid phrases
and ridiculous hand motions
seeking exotic scents
and spicier foods
wanting mansions and castles
and carpeted floors
granite, marble and mahogany
and gilt covered doors
your disgusting sordid affair
like a storm cloud blotted the sun
and wearing a mask like a clown in a scene
i feel you're full of nothing more
you wanted a sand covered landscape
and sunsets to dream of
and tangles caught up in your hair
mansions and castles
and carpeted floors
granite, marble and mahogany
and gilt covered doors
sleeping inside your sordid affair
with pearls dumped into your lap
diamonds and bobbles and jade for a song
and a damnable dream in your thoughts
such foolish games you made
out of the moon
and wanted caravans to follow you home
needed mansions and castles
and vast marble floors
granite, frescoes and mahogany
and windows spacious in doors
haughty and high minded with not a care
in your reckless and foolish sordid affair


By elizabeth azpurua

Monday, April 26, 2010

Fools by Windows see Cherry Blossoms

This first poem was inspired by a very wise mind - he's special indeed, and of course so is she

"Cherry Blossom Tree"

so soft and sweet yet appears
without imperfections
hide those tears
you are not beauty marred
but wisdom caressing the years
a beauty now in bloom
is for all the world to see
flourish now my cherry blossom tree
gentle and yet your roots are so strong
wind will never break you
I know I'm not wrong
you are not beauty marred
for the wind makes of you a song
a beauty in full bloom
is for all the world to see
my enchanted blooming tree
shoot towards the sunlight
and never feel diminished in this world
grow ever gentle now for me
my cherry blossom tree

This next poem came very fast, just like the first....not any editing going on, really

"I'm named the Fool"

Sought the diamond in the rough
sought the pearl in the sea
sought the treasure at the end of the rainbow for me
but I was left holding dust
and staring at the sky
why am I always watching the clouds roll by?
Look at me
I am Fool, named me
I am Fool, blamed me
I am Fool, take me
Look at me
Such a fool I am to see
Searching for something I don't need
Sought the Holy Grail
sought Atlantis in the deep
sought the key to a Secret Garden I could keep
but I was wandering far
and staring at my end
why did I search so long with all the time I spent?
Look at me
I am Fool, named me
I am Fool, blame me
I the Fool, you'll see
Look at me
Such a fool I came to be
Searching for nothing I could ever really need


The following poem is me typing very fast and letting the thoughts fall as soon as I think them
It's the type of writing I rarely share, because I usually try to post something with a "form" or "pattern" or something that makes sense....however, when letting emotions go, sometimes the best way is to let them fall as they will

brighter, sight of light on top
of the world like windows
searching you, your eyes were blue
and i am falling through windows
and someone better catch me
better catch me as i plummet
over the edge to fall away, the windows
i am windows
into a soul no one looks to see
brighter like the sunbeams on top
of the world is sky
and it's blue like your eyes and like
i am holding poems in my hands
and they tell a tale of foreign lands
i am giving you my windows
my seeking never got me far
i fell and fall and falling far
someone catch me, better catch me
there i go down
through your windows
like you're beauty in the sky
i am falling through this sky
and it's windows
all around me truth the last poem could be edited into a really great poem - but maybe some other day, or maybe I like it unedited - I'll decide later

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Miss Marigold

Miss Marigold
What have you been told?
They say you wandered from a dream
But I don't believe in such things
Miss Marigold
What are the days of old?
They say you were there in ancient times
I don't believe in such silly lies

Miss Marigold
They hold you high on expectations
Hold you aloft on their intentions
Who is to say they're right?
Miss Marigold
They love to mention your conquests
And I can imagine that that jest
Surely no one is so capable?

Miss Marigold
What of the millions you have sold?
They say thousands hold a piece of you
But I'm shouting it's all untrue
Miss Marigold
Such fanciful things I was told
I can't conceive you're all they claim
And I know, maybe it's just a shame

Miss Marigold
They hold you high on expectations
Hold you aloft on their intentions
Who is to say they're right?
Miss Marigold
They love to mention your conquests
And I can imagine that that jest
Surely no one is so capable?

They say you brought down nations fast
and told me about the lots that they cast
About the silly fools that died for you
and I'm saying, saying it's all untrue
Miss Marigold
They speak of you controlling the world
There's fools flying your banners unfurled
And everyone wants a piece of you
Tell me that this isn't true

Miss Marigold
They say you whisper in mother's ears
They say you're every father's tears
And that the youth all gasp for your air
They say you fight away hateful things
Cause little girls aloud to sing
And that the world revolves around you
Miss Marigold
They say couples light candles to you
and loose themselves in the sheets to do
things they say in your name
They say loyalties died on your tongue
and caused foolhardy young men to run
and made people bow their knees
Miss Marigold
Is it true, is it true, tell me is it true?
Did you do all these things?

Miss Marigold
They hold you high on expectations
Hold you aloft on their intentions
Who is to say they're right?
Miss Marigold
They love to mention your conquests
And I can imagine that that jest
Surely love isn't so capable?
Surely love isn't so capable?
Miss Marigold
Tell me you are not so capable?
Tell me I won't do the unthinkable
and believe that they're all right?

By Elizabeth Azpurua 4/21/10

Monday, April 19, 2010

For You a Kiss of Spring and a Lingering Smile

"Spring's Kiss"

Pastel color collecting on my thoughts
it's a fragile wing
on a butterfly
and quivering this gasping breath
is a flower petal
on the wind
of purple, pink and palest gold
and robin's blue
to drift away
until upon your gentle lips
and steals your breath away


"...the smile is leaving me..."

it's like trying to catch fireflies in wintertime
and singing into the wind
i'm waiting on this distance to close
and all the time i spend
is left in colors painted over this wall
if only i could gain some ground here now
and make my smile stay


"My Destruction"

I'd have called down the heavens for you
and made the fire cease inside the sun
if it would have kept you here
I would have battled the dark of hell for you
and placed lightbulbs inside the trees
if it would have helped you here
I would have drawn a map in my own blood
just to lead you back home
I would have stayed up forever to be your
one true guiding light alone
But as I contemplate my destruction
I am glad angels held me back
And guided me towards pillows white
And solitude to let it all go...
...I was never meant to fix the world
Nor could I ever help you

All by Elizabeth Azpurua on 4/19/10

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lily Valley Boy

"Stolen Lilies"

Stole lilies in a basket by the bay
Took them to children who sang to run, to play
and carted off the emblems in a box
to give to fairies asking for a song
I laid mattresses down by the sea
to spread blankets of sand all over me
and kept the only shell I ever knew
thinking it was the only shining thing
Took pictures and captured my fake grin
and thought that was the only smile above my chin
I left thinking I'd given all my love away
to beings too concerned with themselves
Stole lilies in a basket by the bay
and gave them to selfish little girls pretending to play
and carted off the emblems of love to the woods
to give the fairies who requested more songs
I thought as I laid down by the sea
that I'd never find a love to hold close to me
that there would never be anything new
and then an eagle carried off with me
not realizing that it gave me wings


"Mr. Brown Eyed Boy"

you, mr. brown eyed boy
thinking you're so great
wearing green like trees
and a smile like fake
go ahead and be yourself
and dance around in jubilee
i don't care much now
i've got a smile across the sea


"In the Valley..."

I am feeling like I need a parachute
somebody save me as I go, as I go down
Too many things are pulling me over the edge
and I fear that I'm welcoming, wanting the ground
I was seeing from the mountains nothing new
Thought the trees were all there was to hold onto
But I never knew...
No I never knew...
In the valley there were flowers in fields galore
There was sunlight I could feel all over my skin
and I never grasped the cluttered place I stayed
was exactly what could keep me from singing hymns
I was seeing from those mountains nothing to do
Thought the trees were all there was to hold onto
But I never knew...
Nope, never knew...
About you

All by Elizabeth Azpurua 4/10/10

Thursday, April 8, 2010


like acid was the lullaby
i hummed to the stars
and cursed them if they shot by
and veiled my heart with scars
your foolish little stories
have turned my thoughts to ash
and that silly little toadstool
made me angered; made me rash
i cursed the seven sisters
and screamed towards Orion's Belt
you've made fools of all the wishers
and made pain of all i've felt

By Elizabeth Azpurua

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cloud Nine

giddy like a girl high
on Easter candy and lollipops
and with a sillly little smirk
i name this cloud number nine
happy is my namesake
spent with cotton candy dreams
and i dance upon this feeling
and this cloud called number nine

by Elizabeth Azpurua on 4/5/10

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Bridge to Forever in the Sky


Careful, bright and starry eyed
but at dismay for the sea is between us
and I want so bad to swim
and I know that I can't swim
Youthful, foolish and elf struck
I am feeling like falling through your essence
and I need so bad to touch you
and I know that I can't reach you
Damn this distance now
and make a bridge

"Envelope Me Within This Sky"
Terrible is the need for feeling
and horrible the thought of leaving
take my soul and give it wings to fly
and envelope me within this sky
like a songbird now free, uncaged
and a soul spent singing for escape
my spirit seeking yours is speeding by
now envelope me within this sky
and never leave my side

"Seeking Forever"

Like a classical portrait
your soul is painted across mine
and if forever is what we were seeking
then none of this matters this time
but finding your face in a sea of liars
and touching fingertips once more

Elizabeth Azpurua

All by Elizabeth Azpurua

An Easter Poem:

"Spring Hope is Summer's Future Skies"

I feel like my heart is being ripped out, what little bit is left, like all the salt from the sea is lost inside my tears
I feel as though the hope I had held onto is gone, and like the autumn leaves blow away; it's left me solo
But upon that stormy horizon I see the rain is clearing and the sun is breaking and maybe I can forget this mess
Maybe I can let the ends tie or untie as they may and the chips fall where they fall and let bygones be bygones
Maybe I can turn the other cheek and smile with a smile that I hardly cares who sees and let the lies die in the wind
Let the years bury the sorrows and let the lies be covered over in new growth this spring and move forward
For there is hope on this new morning and life blooming and I'm trying to catch the petals in the air and kiss them
I am trying to feel the warmth from that sun that ever shines, and ever gives a dawn to the hope that lives on
I do not care if I was a fool for loving you, nor care I if by my folly I lost pieces of my life and time better spent
For I learned sorrow, yet I learned joy, and I learned truth behind lies uttered in confusion and I learned love
Love in it's truest sense, profound and forgiving, I learned how to forgive and seek something better than anger
I see now with different eyes and a better sense of purpose and I reach out with hands knowing I'll not run away
There was a disaster in the coridors of my thoughts and it seemed all my dreams had turned bitter on my tongue
Perhaps God knows all my weaknesses and knows how to make them strengths, or perhaps you needed wisdom
I may never know the reasons, nor recall the excuses, I may never see the ends that could have been
I see a smile on the edge of the rolling clouds and nearly hear that laughter in the wind now; such bliss is here
Hope is leading me towards what is better and what I so dearly need and I'm leaving all else as a lesson I will share
In each poem, and through each word, let it be known that hearts can heal and souls are living, thinking, feeling pieces
of us and are forever trying to get us to see who we are and sometimes we see others even if they cannot see themselves
I am going to focus on the desires of my heart, and deep inside hope that when I am old and have grandchildren
That this will all make better sense than now, and that someway, somehow at least one person's dreams will fly
For him I tried, and for him I fought, but the horizon calls me now, and it's not the same direction as you
You are building up your world and I'm just redesigning mine in the shape of happiness and Summer skies

4/4/10 By Elizabeth Azpurua

Friday, April 2, 2010

If I could reach you I...

if i could for a moment take your hand and leap into a world where our presence would not be seen as wrong, but embraced as perfection on canvas; where the days are long and full of sunlight like summer evenings without mosquitoes and where no one ever remembers the dissaster we left in our wake long ago. if i could shift time to be there near you and erase the shadows beneath your lids and clear the fears from your soul windows and take you to a place that is higher than the high you can get within that smoke. if only life were not so cruel and lives so selfish perhaps our hands could remain bound at each other's sides and brush thumbs over jean pockets and laugh each time we miss a crack we should have jumped over. i wish that all we ever did or could ever do was somehow poetic in the sight of the angels and that when you sleep they would lay gentle kisses all across your dreams; that each moment you awake feels like a new beginning and is bursting at the seems with joy. i wish we could feel happy together without this shadow hanging above our heads and fingers pointing at the messes left behind us. if i could just reach you i would tell you all these things.

By elizabeth azpurua

French Dove

"French Dove"

let me tell you, you amaze me
oh so honest like a french bird
sits atop a tree proclaiming
all it's worth
and don't let the fools mock you
they're jealous of your glory
and the voice you stretch skyward
full of truth
you amaze me; every inch of me
your voice so honest drenched
in everything others fear
let them squabble, little dove
and speak your truth

3/27/10 - By Elizabeth Azpurua