Sunday, April 4, 2010

An Easter Poem:

"Spring Hope is Summer's Future Skies"

I feel like my heart is being ripped out, what little bit is left, like all the salt from the sea is lost inside my tears
I feel as though the hope I had held onto is gone, and like the autumn leaves blow away; it's left me solo
But upon that stormy horizon I see the rain is clearing and the sun is breaking and maybe I can forget this mess
Maybe I can let the ends tie or untie as they may and the chips fall where they fall and let bygones be bygones
Maybe I can turn the other cheek and smile with a smile that I hardly cares who sees and let the lies die in the wind
Let the years bury the sorrows and let the lies be covered over in new growth this spring and move forward
For there is hope on this new morning and life blooming and I'm trying to catch the petals in the air and kiss them
I am trying to feel the warmth from that sun that ever shines, and ever gives a dawn to the hope that lives on
I do not care if I was a fool for loving you, nor care I if by my folly I lost pieces of my life and time better spent
For I learned sorrow, yet I learned joy, and I learned truth behind lies uttered in confusion and I learned love
Love in it's truest sense, profound and forgiving, I learned how to forgive and seek something better than anger
I see now with different eyes and a better sense of purpose and I reach out with hands knowing I'll not run away
There was a disaster in the coridors of my thoughts and it seemed all my dreams had turned bitter on my tongue
Perhaps God knows all my weaknesses and knows how to make them strengths, or perhaps you needed wisdom
I may never know the reasons, nor recall the excuses, I may never see the ends that could have been
I see a smile on the edge of the rolling clouds and nearly hear that laughter in the wind now; such bliss is here
Hope is leading me towards what is better and what I so dearly need and I'm leaving all else as a lesson I will share
In each poem, and through each word, let it be known that hearts can heal and souls are living, thinking, feeling pieces
of us and are forever trying to get us to see who we are and sometimes we see others even if they cannot see themselves
I am going to focus on the desires of my heart, and deep inside hope that when I am old and have grandchildren
That this will all make better sense than now, and that someway, somehow at least one person's dreams will fly
For him I tried, and for him I fought, but the horizon calls me now, and it's not the same direction as you
You are building up your world and I'm just redesigning mine in the shape of happiness and Summer skies

4/4/10 By Elizabeth Azpurua

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