Friday, April 30, 2010


I was basking in the sunlight
welcoming the warmth
and feeling high like I was near the clouds
For love
love is like being in full bloom
every day is wonderful
and you feel like you could reach the sky
My friend
I thought I had found in you a jewel
something marvelous and great
and I never felt so high, so high, so high
but suddenly
it seemed you were slolwy
killing me by small degrees
eating all the life from me
what can I do?
My life
I gave all my life to you
touching the edge of sky
I was reaching ever so high
I am held in your hands now
and I'm unable to run or to move
caught inside your threads
you weave away my world, you do
Killing me
you eat away at me
and I can't do anything
until I'm gone
Tell me why love is consuming me
when I was so high, so high, so high?
welcoming the warmth
and dancing with the clouds
and then suddenly
you were killing me
inch by inch until, until I'm gone
So long
and wave goodbye to the sun
and wave goodbye to the sun

By Elizabeth Azpurua

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