Saturday, May 1, 2010

Waterfalls in June

ease into my cavern, fall upon me
like waterfalls in June
and sting along my shoulders
and I'll dance nails across yours too
uncomfortable upon your skin
the dew is slower falling
and breath it steels out of your lips
to leave you needing, longing
like climbing up this mountain height
and tumble back down slow
and plunging into deeper depths
breathless further there we go
and like a run across the sands
and flight like birds beneath the moon
I'll toss myself back into your hands
fall upon you like waterfalls in June
and still this earth we played across
and cause the stars to weep
until every moment in our hearts
is etched forever just to keep
this memory here with us

by Elizabeth Azpurua 5/1/10

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