Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Red Stilled Heart at the End

"Golden Door and Red Flowers"

carnage, bleeding, lifeless forms of stupidity
but from this mess i'll make a mural
and paint with blossoms that are red
that golden door seemed foolish once
now a beacon on this island
scattered with sorrow to and fro and far below
and i'll make a masterpiece of rose bushes
red petals and thorns and reminders of grief
and this field of poppies will overflow
with the shadows of what used to be
little bleeding puppets set on shore for a musical
and silly clown faces laughing inside the gore
i'll paint on canvas a field of flowers red
and leave inside a golden door and golden steps
and if asked a meaning tell those fools
here is earth and that's His door
and those weren't flowers once before



"The End"

dungeon and tower
and lock and key
and fortress with a river
and an island in the sea
and for what?
for who?
and when?
come hither and surrender
and never walk again
breathless with longing
and devotion
and throw away your soul
and cast away the boat
and lay down to die
and for what?
for who?
and when?
come hither and surrender
and never walk again
this never was your battle
and I never was your friend
and love never was the enemy
until you learned the end
dungeon and tower
and lock and my key
and fortress with my river
and the island of my sea
for me and me alone
and for you the ending throne
when all the world passes us by
come hither and surrender
and never walk again
this place is called my heart
and this love is your "the end"



"Still My Heart"

Be still my heart
and break not at the sight of him
his wounded soul
was never shield enough for you
and with his name
broke clouds into a raining mess
and you learned guilt
when never reasons belonged to you
Be still my heart
though lights grow dim inside him
his shattered world
is not yours to make anew
and with his name
caused an avalanche of troubles
to bleed on you
but it was never your own scars
Be still my heart
while years of pain may mark you
and don't look back
for lessons move you ever forward
take care and focus
on a path set out before you
and let him linger
in his shattered dreamless form
Be still my heart
though your poised and set for breaking
and yearn him not
for his whispers were all lies
and hold no candles
his road is dark and troublesome
while yours is sunset
leaving rainclouds behind you


By Elizabeth Azpurua

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