Friday, May 7, 2010

Marshmallows Everywhere

"Everywhere is Nowhere Here"

nowhere is in everywhere
so everywhere is nowhere here
and here is nowhere in everywhere
because everywhere is everywhere here
nowhere never was somewhere
and somewhere is somewhere there
and here is a somewhere in everywhere
but everywhere is nowhere here
and somewhere is now everywhere
to someone who is nowhere there
and no one never was nowhere
when they're always present somewhere here
and somewhere is somewhere in everywhere
and everywhere is nowhere here
nowhere is in everywhere
and somewhere is in everywhere
and here is in everywhere
and everywhere is nowhere here



"Carousel of Marshmallows"

mint julep and a partridge in a tree
and an acorn by the hill
and a book with a lock and key
and leaping is my thrill
take a stormy sea song higher
and an avalanche follows you
and make a moonbeam brighter
and I'll wish forever on the blue
carry wishes in his pocket
and spend them by the bay
tuck the photos in the locket
and teach the monkeys all to play
like a carousel of marshmallows
a sweet tooth on this floor
I am forever chasing shadows
and taking pennies to the door


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