Monday, May 10, 2010

Drowning Summer Lover's Riot in Colors

"All a Riot Now"

hungover and a mess
and watching dust collect on you
I am feeling like I ran a race
and the marathon ended too soon
who is to say the reasons why?
I have no answers anymore
I have a broken lullaby
I play it over and over for reminds me of then
when life stilled inside the forest
and we played like children there
and the world seemed a cherished place
for we sang without a care
...not anymore, though
it's all a riot now
and the peace I felt is swept by the wind



"When Summer Comes..."

I'll spill cornstarch on this rodeo
and bathe in the dust of a thousand
sunny days
but spend myself over the edge in
one thousand useless ways
just to cover the summer humidity
in mosquitoes
it's the longing from the tips of my toes
to the edge of my fingertips
and all in between this sundress
it's everything I wanted in the millions
of fireflies flowing like an illusion of
water through the starlit air
I am incapable of leaving this place
where boots and laces fell into dirt
and horses leaped without a care
and summer braids wound in flowers
were the artwork I proclaimed before
it's all toothpaste and sunny smiles
and laughter to the moon
but it's all over so very soon
in the wake of troublesome skies
and lightning shattering dreams
I wanna make peach pie and eat
corn cobs until the salty butter
melts away from my mouth
and I wanna leave June beetles and
butterlfies in the day for the sound of bats
chasing their foes across the air above
this porch full of music and laughter
and ride handcarts down hills
just to lose myself in the breeze
but it's not what it seems
and I'm no child no more to speak
like I've not a care in this summer filled world
Not while I hold the jean jacket close
and shiver in this cool spring air



"Colors in Love Poems"

burgandy, I sang you a poem, I did
and hurt like hell when the words stuck against my throat
of broken promises and youthful dreams
it's all the lies we tell ourselves to fall asleep

horizon white, I sang a poem of you, I did
and screamed inside when the colors all came back to me
of illusions I made plastic soldiers in my head
all the reasons I erased inside the bed

goldenrod, my feather's white, my eyes so blue
a poem or two I shall sing just for you and hope to God
I'll never choke on the words that leave me now
and I'll trail kisses all across your brows

rainbow, you could never hold all the colors close
nor magnify the bounty in the prose I chose to tell
there is too much pain and too much lies
and the nervousness of silly butterflies
but I sang the poems, I did....for each of them



"Lover's Drown"

I sought you forever by the seas
holding shells inside my hands
to still the water's dance
Fool I thought that I could make them stop
and let me across
and let me across
I walked forver alone by the sea
a shell for you I would give again
to give me one more chance
Fool I thought I could calm the ocean here
to let me across
to let me across
But the sirens all laugh at my pleas
singing songs to stir up the sands
and give me not a chance
Fool I thought that I could make them stop
they laughed at my loss
they laughed at my loss
singing "lovers drown, lovers drown, and they go down"
singing "they all drown, they go down and down and down"
singing "all your hopes are gone and sinking down"
singing "come with us and sleep where lovers drown"
I follow them into the waves where I go down


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