Thursday, May 27, 2010

Unspoken Past Anger Here

"Scorch the Past"

after the hurricane
the aftermath
the selfish pain
the ending tides of tidal waves and the
rush of voices screamed
the fires all had ceased with flame
the leftovers
discarded shame
and smoke had filled the rooms
where all the hopes had bled
but now I'm going to
kindle flames
and start the fires to burn
like wildfire and brimstone
and scorch the past



"Anger Represented Here"

what is the point anymore
when you don't pay attention here
and that toadstool you sit upon
is rotting out
and the air around your head
is blue and green and grey
and every motion of your mouth
just sickens me?
there isn't a point at all now
and no need to mention anything
for the remainder of your days
is spent while high
and that rotting toadstool is your dream
and the haven of your selfish stupidity
while every other living thing
just walks away



"Unspoken Unanswered"
discarded photos in a photo book
and a nasty taste in my mouth
and somehow words still unspoken
are waiting to come out
I wanted to...but the words failed
discarded dreams in a dream journal
and a tear or two never shed
and so many questions unanswered
turn circles inside of my bed
I wanted to speak...but cannot

by elizabeth azpurua

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