Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fake Moon

Hollow eyed and wearisome
and startled by the way
the moon falls asleep each morn
and the sun steals the day
like perfection in a teacup
and a stony little brook
it's all fairytales with laughter
that were written in a book
not the shadows by your pillow
and the haunting voice of dreams
nor the blanket that surrounded
while the ceiling caught your screams
try to cover up the lamplight
meant to light the corners dark
now a fight against the fears and
pain left in mark after mark
until the sun upon the window
lights a falsehood of the day
and the lying little sunbeams
bring the kiddies out to play
hollow eyed and wearisome
walking out in the afternoon
face the brightness with a smile
fake as the light of the moon

by elizabeth azpurua

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