Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Broken Merry-Go-Round

we all tap, tap, tap dance around the truth like a merry-go-round that's broken and doesn't know it yet
we find marvels in the inconsequential things and tedium in the marvelous
we are like fools stepping off the cliffs into the sea to be swallowed whole and unfulfilled
why capture moon beams and eyelashes and shooting stars in our hands when we simply wish to chuck them out into the universe?
i am finding music in the silence of cavernous moments where the words you should have spoken never left your lying lips
and i am finding poetry in the stupidity of life's choices made selfishly
and it all seems very wrong indeed
i am a rambling fool and tap, tap, tap dancing around the truth like i have become the broken children's ride
and who is to say what my end will be when i realize the wealth of knowledge i ignored all these years?
we all like fools wait for the moment where destiny collides with infinity and eternity just begins for us
and somehow we seek that pearl, that one no one ever put a price on
we collect lucky charms and good luck wishes and hope to God we fall into a love we never knew existed and when we realize it's not what we wanted we cry
if i find solace in your pain and amusement in your discomfort and music in your silence am i a horrible person?
if i spin around in glee on this broken merry-go-round am i also a fool?
and i wonder if i should mind that notion
for all the world is a stage and life is a journey but hell if i know where i'm at in this splendid affair
i think the sound of your voice is choking on the absence of truth
and we all tap, tap, tap dance around that soundless bounty
like fools in a magic show we believe in the illusions of the world your words created once
lovers are all foolish puppets in a game of reality in the vast world we created simply to chuck it into the universe with the emblems of our useless luck
and i never enjoyed so much the facts you never shared before because now i see the essence of what you never could have become
but it's ok sir
this ride is spinning fast

...by me

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