Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Enough of Falling In Love This Way

"The Way I Love You"

Of all the times I've run, never have I run
so fast as I've ran towards you
Of all the times I've jumped, never have I jumped
so far as I've jumped towards you
Of all the times I've sung a song, never so loud
have I sung like I sing to you
Of all the times I've written words never have I wrote
such poetry as I write for you
And of all the ways I've spoken your name never do
I speak with such wonder as when speaking of you
Never have I loved in the way that I love you, nor will
I ever love another in the ways that I've loved you




It's not enough to
say that I'm content
and willing to sit here
nor wait a million breaths
until sharing with you
my own
It's not enough to
say I'm patient
and will always be right here
wishing a million wishes
to be sharing with you
my life
It's not enough to
say this is perfect
and I'll never move from here
and kiss a million kisses
trailing all over you
my love
Because it's not enough
and I need more



"Who Loves Falling?"

like falling into silence
and waiting on your wings
this momentary weightlessness
is a lie disguising things
it's telling you all will be fine
and the air will hold you tight
and come the morning you'll wake up
and the world will be alright
it's never speaking truth
about the breaking at the fall
when the bottom comes rushing fast
and no one hears your call
you'll never be told the painfulness
the hollow feeling that will ache
nor how the wings you thought you had
never grew from whispers fake
or how the ground is so far down
and the air will rush on by you
and when the light dims inside your eyes
you'll never wake to hear "I love you"


All by Elizabeth Azpurua

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