Saturday, June 5, 2010

"You" Can Mean So Much, Not "You", but "You"

"Etched Forever"
chasing butterflies with no net
and battling cobwebs in the closet
startled by the truth
that makes pock marks in the wood floor
and leaves the remembrance
I am etched forever
fighting demons with a toothpick
and winning doubled over and sick
stranded by the truth
that made rivulets all across the walls
and leaves the remembrance
I am etched and I'll never
from you
but you don't care, do you?



"Because of you......"

There may be happy days
and there may be sad
and sometimes I battle against both
for what I never had
but no matter the emotions
nor the feelings inside
you lift me with your voice
and I'm better by your side
It's the strength in your arms
and the smile on your face
your soft cotton shirts
and knowing I'm safe
I feel like flying, love
and feel like trying love
and feel like I'm in love
because of you, love
it's all better now today
because of you

Both by Elizabeth Azpurua

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