Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let the Broken Heart Go

"Never Let Go"
i was sitting and dreaming of the day
and hoping, praying that it all would be OK
like a melody to the moon and a prayer to the sky
i was hoping that they'd see the reasons why
they are peas of the same pod and a dream nearly dreamt
an ocean of pontential by the sands of good intent
and i see them like the lightning to shoot across a cloud
and somewhere i am feeling like their music rings aloud
they are what i hoped for and dreamed just to see
a love to bloom inside them and to see them so happy
i have been waiting for the moment that they would know
and hope to God that they'll never let it go
never let that feeling go


"Healing a Broken Heart"

Breaking, breaking down
and screaming to the mirror
someone shut it out
and turn off the lights
let all the memories go
and let the enemy escape
and tell the shadows they
aren't welcome today
He was all the emblems of love
and all the markings of pain
and she was hatred in a bottle
and a broomstick flying shame
and I was holding in my hands
the feeling of the blame
If the seasons were a changing force
all these scars would be undone
but no, no the time is slow and the
pain is just begun
Breaking, breaking down
and you scream at the walls
and someone shut it out
and turn off the lights
take the pillows home
and toss them out the doors
and never let the shadows
come get you

by Elizabeth Azpurua

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