Saturday, June 26, 2010

Castaway Ribs

you ran away with the breaking sunlight
and now you are chasing all our dreams
i thought tomorrow's rays would cloud over
but the space aches in between
my ribs
you dashed away towards the dawning daylight
and now you are stealing all our dreams
i thought the broken rays would be blown over
but the emptiness stings in between
my ribs
where my heart used to be
where my heart used to be
it is painful just where my heart had been
you ran away towards the dawn and daybreak
and somehow in sunlight live our dreams
i thought the morning sun would fade forever
but the absence erodes in between
my ribs




Stupid castaway
caught on a lonely isle
shoulda' been smart enough to swim away
stupid waitin' all the while
stupid castaway
where you gonna get a boat?
you shoulda' had the foresight for today
never heard a word i wrote
did you?
Now you're the stupid castaway

also by me - 6/26/10

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