Saturday, June 12, 2010

Magic and a Tragedy

tragic it seems now; not that it ever never seemed so, tragic that is
and magic it was once; not that you ever liked me so, with magic
and here lies my heart;
stone cold and old now it seems
never seemed another way though, did it?
and you never did understand it
sadness is all I know; not that I ever never knew happy, but so long
and precious was us once; not that it ever mattered to you, or will
and there goes my hope;
fell like a stone and dead it seems
never seemed another way to you I guessed it
and you'll never ever get it
but it's all poetry now
tragic; it's a tragedy now and so you never ever got another memory
quite like magic; never like we were once, all magic and a tragedy
and there lies my heart;
stitched, shuttered, and boarded up
feels sorta' dead to me now it seems
ever once it was another way wasn't it?
I'll just never understand it

by elizabeth azpurua on 6/12/10

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