Tuesday, October 28, 2014

From: "Elegy of Metaphors"

like fire lights inside chasms of burnt orange
melodic, transcending; sunrise in a whirlwind
escape; freethinking with a notion of cynicism and fault
take it back, cardinal, and give a new face to the ashes here
volcanic and incredible
wishing on sunlit skies, jetted by, and passing strange
this masquerade of ours
erupting into a molten mess of monarch butterflies
tinged in burnt orange and black
fly away and take wing into the sea of setting suns
volcanic was the ending

and from that, the island sprung

From: "Elegy of Metaphors"
the ebook of poetry by Elizabeth Azpurua

Monday, October 20, 2014

Here Comes Halloween

Black roses and red leaves
and orange carved faces
with cobwebbed spider sleeves
and wrought iron fences
Darkness and harvest moons
with bats lining windows
Enchanting haunted tunes
and lanterns in rows
Sheets making ghosts
and painted ghoulish faces
and scarecrows on posts
and creepy haunting places
There goes a witch on by
Here comes a goblin in green
Did you hear a banshee cry?
Here comes Halloween


Elizabeth Azpurua

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Grey Duct Tape Robot

"Not a Robot"

We all grasp for a quality of rightness
A sense of belonging
And importance
Meaning and depth
We seek grace and power
All vying for position at the top
To be honored by our peers
Not me-
I want solitary expounding of thoughts
Crashes of intellect
Imaginative journeys
No sense of belonging
To a form or a product
I am not a robot




I color the world around me in grey
why? because I can I say
I needn't be a sunny shade or such
because I like the grey so much
I like the foggy morning misty days
and like the storm clouds billowing
I like the dingy, darkening haze
and like the wind that's whistling
I am a stormy soul of grey
not a sunny sort of shade
I color all the world around me so
because grey is all that I know

by Elizabeth Azpurua



"Duct Tape"

This world is a troublesome one
Not sure how we got along so far
It wasn't from numbers or wishing on stars
or from fallen eyelashes, I assure you
Must have been blood, sweat and tears
duct tape and glue
A hope, a prayer, and I got by with you

Elizabeth Azpurua