Thursday, October 2, 2014

Grey Duct Tape Robot

"Not a Robot"

We all grasp for a quality of rightness
A sense of belonging
And importance
Meaning and depth
We seek grace and power
All vying for position at the top
To be honored by our peers
Not me-
I want solitary expounding of thoughts
Crashes of intellect
Imaginative journeys
No sense of belonging
To a form or a product
I am not a robot




I color the world around me in grey
why? because I can I say
I needn't be a sunny shade or such
because I like the grey so much
I like the foggy morning misty days
and like the storm clouds billowing
I like the dingy, darkening haze
and like the wind that's whistling
I am a stormy soul of grey
not a sunny sort of shade
I color all the world around me so
because grey is all that I know

by Elizabeth Azpurua



"Duct Tape"

This world is a troublesome one
Not sure how we got along so far
It wasn't from numbers or wishing on stars
or from fallen eyelashes, I assure you
Must have been blood, sweat and tears
duct tape and glue
A hope, a prayer, and I got by with you

Elizabeth Azpurua

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