Friday, February 28, 2014

Darts into the Fog

I give up
everything you inspire is dark
and like fire
that consumes my page
in rage
and ink
I give up
every word in my poetry
is heard
with apathy
and you never see
this side of me
bleeding out printed words
containing all these hurts
like I am throwing darts
into the fog

I give up
everything I feel is leftovers
I never heal
these emotions linger still
ever will
in ink
I give up
every syllable in my poetry
is capable
of empathy
but you never see
this side of me
bleeding out printed words
containing my curse
like I am throwing darts
into the fog

By: Elizabeth Azpurua

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Storm in You

Traversing o'er these thoughts of mine
Expounding, weaving, thoughts entwine
But you know this chaotic soul by now
My raucous thinking and learning how
To verbalize what's trapped inside 
To let it out and to confide 
"There's something of the storm in you"
You tell me, and I know you knew
What passions waged wars inside of me
Bracing for impassioned white lightning 
No timid life, no subtlety, no hush
Emblazoned art, poetically, I rush
Into every war of racing thoughts 
Until they tangle my soul in knots 
And poems fall onto paper readily 
The storm of words quite heavily
Blankets all the spaces in what you already knew
When you said, "there's something of the storm in you" 

By Elizabeth Azpurua 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter White

the air seems to await the day of warming
where spring is dawning
but winter's been yawning
spitting out snow
and I've been cold

treasuring the knowledge of spring
awaiting on the day it will bring
softest green

spirals of winter white and bright, oh bright
is the light against the blanket of snow

whisper of snowflakes against hair
and your nose
how bitter sometimes the air
colder blows
please take care
cuddle close

By: Elizabeth Azpurua

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Unforgiven Door

"Speak to the Door"

You're going to learn something new
I shall teach you to plead
To play a new tune
It's easy once you don't have a choice
And all that you'll need
Is the sound of your voice
It will echo back to you from a closed door
You can say what you want, but it won't change
It won't open up, it will remain shut
But you're gonna learn to speak to the door
Because I won't be answering you anymore




rattle and shake
turn now and break
take back the way
you say my name
it's fallacy
and fake
whisper and pray
to claim the day
I won't be here
to hear my name
it's wasted
and fades......
all is the way it's always been
but this time you'll be unforgiven


All By Elizabeth Azpurua

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Hell of Memory

Hail the hell on the waters
Hail the waves
and the towers
But her eyes like ice
Topaz puddles her price
Hail the illusions on hills
Hail the rains
and the chills
Well her eyes were like moss
Losing her was such a loss
Bright light and pain
and walls without a name
Can't see through rain
and I've nowhere left to claim
I miss the wild forests
I miss their tangled hair
I miss the one who watched us
Our guard was passing fair
Hail the hell in the stormy sky
Hail the thunder
and hasten the lie
Hail the crashing of the sea
Hail the waves
and wait it out with me
Because I miss eyes like sapphires
Because I miss walls of stone
Because illusions make raging fires
That burnt away what I had known
Hail the hell of memory
Hail the unknown

By: Elizabeth Azpurua

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Silent Hills

Although I like the sound of my own voice 
I like answers too
It's sad when it's only you 
Although I enjoy these silent nights 
I am fond of song 
When there's no music it's wrong
But all of these hills I keep climbing 
I keep climbing alone 
And all of the hills I am finding 
Have truly shown 
Shown me truth
Sometimes it's a silent climb 
And the hills are fine
But they don't speak back 
Sometimes it's a lonely climb 
But at the top I find 
I'm on the right track 
I don't need a cheering squad 
Or you to wish me well 
Silent hills are nothing to applaud 
But they aren't really hell
They're salvation in silence
Because I truly find my voice 
Melodies are found in patience 
And not having any choice
I kept climbing 
And finding 
The truth 
And although I like answers, too
At least my own voice is true 

By: Elizabeth Azpurua