Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Storm in You

Traversing o'er these thoughts of mine
Expounding, weaving, thoughts entwine
But you know this chaotic soul by now
My raucous thinking and learning how
To verbalize what's trapped inside 
To let it out and to confide 
"There's something of the storm in you"
You tell me, and I know you knew
What passions waged wars inside of me
Bracing for impassioned white lightning 
No timid life, no subtlety, no hush
Emblazoned art, poetically, I rush
Into every war of racing thoughts 
Until they tangle my soul in knots 
And poems fall onto paper readily 
The storm of words quite heavily
Blankets all the spaces in what you already knew
When you said, "there's something of the storm in you" 

By Elizabeth Azpurua 

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