Monday, February 3, 2014

The Hell of Memory

Hail the hell on the waters
Hail the waves
and the towers
But her eyes like ice
Topaz puddles her price
Hail the illusions on hills
Hail the rains
and the chills
Well her eyes were like moss
Losing her was such a loss
Bright light and pain
and walls without a name
Can't see through rain
and I've nowhere left to claim
I miss the wild forests
I miss their tangled hair
I miss the one who watched us
Our guard was passing fair
Hail the hell in the stormy sky
Hail the thunder
and hasten the lie
Hail the crashing of the sea
Hail the waves
and wait it out with me
Because I miss eyes like sapphires
Because I miss walls of stone
Because illusions make raging fires
That burnt away what I had known
Hail the hell of memory
Hail the unknown

By: Elizabeth Azpurua

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