Saturday, February 1, 2014

Silent Hills

Although I like the sound of my own voice 
I like answers too
It's sad when it's only you 
Although I enjoy these silent nights 
I am fond of song 
When there's no music it's wrong
But all of these hills I keep climbing 
I keep climbing alone 
And all of the hills I am finding 
Have truly shown 
Shown me truth
Sometimes it's a silent climb 
And the hills are fine
But they don't speak back 
Sometimes it's a lonely climb 
But at the top I find 
I'm on the right track 
I don't need a cheering squad 
Or you to wish me well 
Silent hills are nothing to applaud 
But they aren't really hell
They're salvation in silence
Because I truly find my voice 
Melodies are found in patience 
And not having any choice
I kept climbing 
And finding 
The truth 
And although I like answers, too
At least my own voice is true 

By: Elizabeth Azpurua 

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