Saturday, April 30, 2011

Scorched Woods

"Scorched Skin"

This skin
it itches
this new form, it chafes and it tightens
and I am unable to shake the frightening feeling
that I am trapped
and unable to be freed
So I burn down this house
to get out, to get out
leave with scorched skin
I crawl away from the remains
the ash and fallen debris
but I'm finally free
and yet, the world burns on behind me


"The Woods"

Hello, piperfly
hello wonderbird
Good day to you, peace-bringer
Dance away now piperfly
and go back to your enchanted wood
give me wonderbird and leave
Hello, peace-bringer
How is the day?
Wonderbird said you'd be on your way
But peace-bringer cries
"wonderbird has died
and piperfly has flown away
So, where to now? Where to then?
Where is hope and where is mend?
While we are all faltering here
I am wondering what comes again"
Hello, blue light fly
how was your day?
Peace-bringer said you'd be on your way
But she is gone, gone for good
for piperfly flew off to the woods
and I had told her to dance away
but it killed wonderbird
when she left
So now, blue light fly
where will you go?
And you reply,
"oh I don't know"
And now peace-bringer is not herself
but you can try to help
Hello, piperfly
how was your sojourn?
Wonderbird is so broken
Peace-bringer has died for him too
Now, what shall we do?
Go on, go back to your enchanted wood
I will raise wonderbird
I'll plant peace-maker again
and blue light fly be on the mend
Oh, how, oh, how this all sings
the craziest songs of wounded things
they all have cried, we've broken wings
but I do not mend all of these things

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You Never Came

i have been crawling here for you
scraping bottom here for you
begging the skies for you
but you never came
did you?
i have been falling into holes
and growing an abyss
and letting my life end in it for you
i have been traversing endless rooms
and never can i get back to you
you never came
did you?
how many tears must i cry?
in how many ways do you wish i will die?
when i reach the end again, who will be there then?
i have fought and fought to break free
for 5 years crawling on these knees
and you never came
did you?
so, screw you and your promise to me
screw the years, the hopes, the need
screw all the mountains i had climbed for you
all the memories tied to you
and everything you said was true
you never came
did you?
and now i am at this ledge
and there is nothing to hold me
and nothing to save me
but me
and you'll never come
will you?
i'll be my own hero again
and i'll crawl back again and when, oh when i see
the edge of my sanity
i'll speak your name
and say
you never came


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Razor Lips


oh, little silver, little satin, little glee
like a shining little miniature thing
you are keen, fine edged and swift
and i know you become the poison in this fist
i see the smear where it leads it back
like a map, like a map
carved out your initials on the inside of your soul
and try to think of what makes you whole
it's erasing the need, the want, the hole
the echo left inside your empty soul
like a map, like a map
i swear i won't take it back
it's the edge of the poison in my fist
surely honed, keen edged and swift
like a shining little miniature thing
oh, little silver, little satin, little glee




at the edge, like clouds
sweet like plums
and pink
they move so softly now
softer than thumbs
i think
and when they touch yours it's like
the world comes to life
like crashing of the waves
and the beginning of time
like the bang they say started it all
and made mountains rise and fall
over it all
it was earth shaking and relentless
in pursuit of just one thing
to return
and whispering


By Elizabeth Azpurua

Monday, April 25, 2011

Survived the Flames

You were flaming, burning me on down
I was scorched until I couldn't make a sound
She came like lighting straight after me
I was her beacon, all that she could see
We were waiting on the world to change
I might have made it a place for the strange
She wanted pacifiers and bunnies
I wanted carrion carrying disease
I got my world in ashes here
Made me a bed out of atmosphere
Created a garland of bones for my hearth
and she wanted lollipops and a purple scarf
We cried out wonder; we cried out pain
We shoved at each other all to get the gain
You were the cause of this battle raging on
All 'cause you decided to burn me long gone
I survived you to face another woe
She has become my one and only foe
I should have burned into a crimson gem
You could have kept me caged in that pen
I would have been your cabochon of truth
Stayed with you through it all just like Ruth
But you remind me as I stand in ashes here
I wanted a world made of atmosphere
I wanted vultures to bring me home each night
She wanted sugar plums and sweet delights
We were like magnets pushing out the way
I was the winner standing here today
You might have scorched me inside of your flames
But I number bones and I know their names
I am the lone survivor on this hill
Come now my flames and wait until
I hold you captive inside of this home
Warming my dinner never quite alone


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Too Late at the Edge For You Bringing Spring

"To Me You They'll Bring"

If I take a moment
to imagine you
I see a street sign
and a sky of blue
I see it marked west and leading
but where to?
but where to?
I follow roads, paths, and pointed signs
I follow maps, and feelings, and lines
I never quite get back to you
Lover, where have you gone to?
I shall take a moment to imagine you
I see your smile, hear your laugh, see your eyes
I see the way I was happy in happier times
I am holding to the image, like it's scarred upon me
Star crossed lovers we were, but what shall we be?
This world is pulling
This world is cold
This world too confusing
while I'm growing old
I shall send out a signal to the heavens this Spring
and I shall hope to me you they'll bring



"The Edge of Strong"

September, you were golds, you were summer colors fading away
bringing in the month of golden waves and ruddy tree lines
It was fun, so very fun, while it lasted
But it ended........again
Come the cooler month where we give thanks, I was feeling like
I might crumble
Seeing dirt, dark, and rubble
Then, yes, December came
I was nearly done
So close to being done
I could not feel that warmth and cheer
There was nothing to hold to
The new year was so cold, it was like I'd never know happiness again
Boarded up and snowed in
Winter has seemed so long
I know now the edge of where I'm strong
but Spring, bless you Spring
Bloom for me in hope and happiness
like promises
Bloom, bloom for me in greens
I am needing the promise of happier things
It's been too long
It's been so long
and I've reached the edge of strong


"10 Months Too Late"

Today...I woke in a mess and I was broken
too much stress, words unspoken
I'm so battle scarred
full of glares for my reflection
And while, while I drove too fast on these winding roads
Trees and houses passed me by blurring, oh
I realized one thing I never thought of before now
When I fell in love with you it was summertime, it's true
And I was seeing someone else then, someone fast and high and Mr. Fine
But he made me see you in a different light
Oh, but it was later I gained sight to finally see what was in front of me
And realized then that I loved you
But, oh but, oh but, I was 10 months too late dicovering
And there was nothing I could do, there was no recovering
Today...I discovered so much honesty, bleeding out of me
and I'm waking up to know where I have been
All the images blurred passed me fast, all the memories of the past
and I realized I'd loved you for so long, so very long
It took me 10 months to realize this and I think it's so wrong, I should have known
And then another 11 months to tell you so
Yes, I'm an oblivious fool, yes, I'm a riduculous fool
But today I discovered all of this.... tell me why, oh tell me why...
Why did it take me 10 months to realize?


All By Elizabeth Azpurua

Monday, April 18, 2011

We're Done Now, Bird

"Guess This One Is Called Done"

I've been digging my own grave
I'm almost nearly done
I've been tied up as your slave
Bound to the things never done
I can barely even breathe
I know that I am almost done
My death is slowly nearing
Then it'll all be over and done
So very done
I've been laid out in this hole
Now I'm over and I'm done
You hold my heart and my soul
Destroyed both now it's done
So here is my death for you
Hold the guilt now that it's done
Nothing left to hold onto
Over and done, over and done



"Fanciful Bird"

I spin inside the darkness and the shadows and the cold
It's hard to get out of bed
You were the thing that got me through the dark times
a happy little emotional head upon your shoulders
you would smile and light up my world
Where did you go? Where have you ran away to?
Was my dark and dreary world too much for you, my fanciful bird?
I was swallowing the fears, the doubts, the losses
and you were walking the streets to fame
how I'd uphold your name....but no, you walked away
into the horizon of the happy ones and when you wake each
day you spring right out of bed
I spin inside my darkness and my shadows in the cold
and I can't get out of my bed
I can't get out of my head
You were the only thing that made my world all bright and new
and I was giddy, and high, and happy and light
and I'm nothing of the sort without you
Where did you run away to?
I'm sorry my world was to dreary for you, my fanciful bird
I should have known it would be too dark for you


Monday, April 11, 2011


Stuck inside this music
The sound is drowning me
Like I'm choking on it
I can barely hardly breathe
It gets so deep, it gets so thick
It gets so hard, and I'm left sick
It's pounding in my head
The sound reminds I'm not dead
It's pounding in my head
The sounds of before playing again and again
Memories flood and drown me down
Melodies I cannot get around
Memories pound and they pound
And I'm through here in the sound
It gets so deep, it gets so thick
It's relentless and leaving me sick
Between my ears is a war of melodies
All the chaos of these memories
Pounding inside of me


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Birds Are Singing Your Name

Inside the sun, beneath the clouds
I want to scream your name out loud
Tell all the birds of your sweet face
And how you fell from outer space
How you have graced us with your essence
And the world had then received a present
I'll tell them all to sing of your name
And how nothing will be the same
If you should leave they'll sing a mourning song
And they'll say that surely something went wrong
For the sunlight contained your smile
And all the magic bottle up a while
Burst forth in Spring to wake the world and set it right
And without you there would be no pearly moonlight
You made the world a place of majesty
When you graced us with your beauty
I'll have the birds sing forever of you
Singing you're the most beautiful they knew

Nothing Happy Here, Move Along Now Flightless Bird

ledges are for stopping
not for the jumping I do from them
and arms are for grabbing
not for trying to fly with them
legs are for running
they aren't landing gear
and we're meant for falling
that's what we should fear



if i attempt breathing with this
weight on me
i might sink my soul like an
anchor in the sea
i might forever remain in the
darkest of places
where there is no glory
nor smiling faces
if i attempt to continue like this
i won't realize i'll never be his



why don't you just tear my heart
out and eat it right
in front of
then maybe I will realize my death
was always what you
sought when you
looked right


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Duct Tape My Flighty Soul

Come, sit awhile with me
It's OK, we don't need to talk too much
I just want to soak up your warmth
and settle in
Let your solid spirit ground my flighty soul
Stay a bit and I'll try to make you whole
If I fail, your still free to search the world
but I'd like you to sit a while
Settle in
and let me catch my breath
This world is a troublesome one
Not sure how we got along so far
It wasn't from numbers or wishin' on stars
or from fallen eyelashes, I assure you
Must have been blood, sweat and tears
duct tape and glue
A hope, a prayer, and I got by with you
It's OK, don't worry now
We don't have to talk
Just sit by me and let me relax now
I need your solid spirit to ground my flighty soul