Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You Never Came

i have been crawling here for you
scraping bottom here for you
begging the skies for you
but you never came
did you?
i have been falling into holes
and growing an abyss
and letting my life end in it for you
i have been traversing endless rooms
and never can i get back to you
you never came
did you?
how many tears must i cry?
in how many ways do you wish i will die?
when i reach the end again, who will be there then?
i have fought and fought to break free
for 5 years crawling on these knees
and you never came
did you?
so, screw you and your promise to me
screw the years, the hopes, the need
screw all the mountains i had climbed for you
all the memories tied to you
and everything you said was true
you never came
did you?
and now i am at this ledge
and there is nothing to hold me
and nothing to save me
but me
and you'll never come
will you?
i'll be my own hero again
and i'll crawl back again and when, oh when i see
the edge of my sanity
i'll speak your name
and say
you never came


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