Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Too Late at the Edge For You Bringing Spring

"To Me You They'll Bring"

If I take a moment
to imagine you
I see a street sign
and a sky of blue
I see it marked west and leading
but where to?
but where to?
I follow roads, paths, and pointed signs
I follow maps, and feelings, and lines
I never quite get back to you
Lover, where have you gone to?
I shall take a moment to imagine you
I see your smile, hear your laugh, see your eyes
I see the way I was happy in happier times
I am holding to the image, like it's scarred upon me
Star crossed lovers we were, but what shall we be?
This world is pulling
This world is cold
This world too confusing
while I'm growing old
I shall send out a signal to the heavens this Spring
and I shall hope to me you they'll bring



"The Edge of Strong"

September, you were golds, you were summer colors fading away
bringing in the month of golden waves and ruddy tree lines
It was fun, so very fun, while it lasted
But it ended........again
Come the cooler month where we give thanks, I was feeling like
I might crumble
Seeing dirt, dark, and rubble
Then, yes, December came
I was nearly done
So close to being done
I could not feel that warmth and cheer
There was nothing to hold to
The new year was so cold, it was like I'd never know happiness again
Boarded up and snowed in
Winter has seemed so long
I know now the edge of where I'm strong
but Spring, bless you Spring
Bloom for me in hope and happiness
like promises
Bloom, bloom for me in greens
I am needing the promise of happier things
It's been too long
It's been so long
and I've reached the edge of strong


"10 Months Too Late"

Today...I woke in a mess and I was broken
too much stress, words unspoken
I'm so battle scarred
full of glares for my reflection
And while, while I drove too fast on these winding roads
Trees and houses passed me by blurring, oh
I realized one thing I never thought of before now
When I fell in love with you it was summertime, it's true
And I was seeing someone else then, someone fast and high and Mr. Fine
But he made me see you in a different light
Oh, but it was later I gained sight to finally see what was in front of me
And realized then that I loved you
But, oh but, oh but, I was 10 months too late dicovering
And there was nothing I could do, there was no recovering
Today...I discovered so much honesty, bleeding out of me
and I'm waking up to know where I have been
All the images blurred passed me fast, all the memories of the past
and I realized I'd loved you for so long, so very long
It took me 10 months to realize this and I think it's so wrong, I should have known
And then another 11 months to tell you so
Yes, I'm an oblivious fool, yes, I'm a riduculous fool
But today I discovered all of this.... tell me why, oh tell me why...
Why did it take me 10 months to realize?


All By Elizabeth Azpurua

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