Monday, April 25, 2011

Survived the Flames

You were flaming, burning me on down
I was scorched until I couldn't make a sound
She came like lighting straight after me
I was her beacon, all that she could see
We were waiting on the world to change
I might have made it a place for the strange
She wanted pacifiers and bunnies
I wanted carrion carrying disease
I got my world in ashes here
Made me a bed out of atmosphere
Created a garland of bones for my hearth
and she wanted lollipops and a purple scarf
We cried out wonder; we cried out pain
We shoved at each other all to get the gain
You were the cause of this battle raging on
All 'cause you decided to burn me long gone
I survived you to face another woe
She has become my one and only foe
I should have burned into a crimson gem
You could have kept me caged in that pen
I would have been your cabochon of truth
Stayed with you through it all just like Ruth
But you remind me as I stand in ashes here
I wanted a world made of atmosphere
I wanted vultures to bring me home each night
She wanted sugar plums and sweet delights
We were like magnets pushing out the way
I was the winner standing here today
You might have scorched me inside of your flames
But I number bones and I know their names
I am the lone survivor on this hill
Come now my flames and wait until
I hold you captive inside of this home
Warming my dinner never quite alone


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