Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Duct Tape My Flighty Soul

Come, sit awhile with me
It's OK, we don't need to talk too much
I just want to soak up your warmth
and settle in
Let your solid spirit ground my flighty soul
Stay a bit and I'll try to make you whole
If I fail, your still free to search the world
but I'd like you to sit a while
Settle in
and let me catch my breath
This world is a troublesome one
Not sure how we got along so far
It wasn't from numbers or wishin' on stars
or from fallen eyelashes, I assure you
Must have been blood, sweat and tears
duct tape and glue
A hope, a prayer, and I got by with you
It's OK, don't worry now
We don't have to talk
Just sit by me and let me relax now
I need your solid spirit to ground my flighty soul

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