Saturday, April 30, 2011

Scorched Woods

"Scorched Skin"

This skin
it itches
this new form, it chafes and it tightens
and I am unable to shake the frightening feeling
that I am trapped
and unable to be freed
So I burn down this house
to get out, to get out
leave with scorched skin
I crawl away from the remains
the ash and fallen debris
but I'm finally free
and yet, the world burns on behind me


"The Woods"

Hello, piperfly
hello wonderbird
Good day to you, peace-bringer
Dance away now piperfly
and go back to your enchanted wood
give me wonderbird and leave
Hello, peace-bringer
How is the day?
Wonderbird said you'd be on your way
But peace-bringer cries
"wonderbird has died
and piperfly has flown away
So, where to now? Where to then?
Where is hope and where is mend?
While we are all faltering here
I am wondering what comes again"
Hello, blue light fly
how was your day?
Peace-bringer said you'd be on your way
But she is gone, gone for good
for piperfly flew off to the woods
and I had told her to dance away
but it killed wonderbird
when she left
So now, blue light fly
where will you go?
And you reply,
"oh I don't know"
And now peace-bringer is not herself
but you can try to help
Hello, piperfly
how was your sojourn?
Wonderbird is so broken
Peace-bringer has died for him too
Now, what shall we do?
Go on, go back to your enchanted wood
I will raise wonderbird
I'll plant peace-maker again
and blue light fly be on the mend
Oh, how, oh, how this all sings
the craziest songs of wounded things
they all have cried, we've broken wings
but I do not mend all of these things

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