Friday, June 28, 2013

Sleeping Thoughts of Babylon

"Road to Babylon"
I sing the wayward song of a temptress done wrong
My movements beguile and bewilder
As I walked the road to Babylon
I found those who did surrender
They sang of long sultry nights of wrong
With bodies they don’t remember 

So I sang to them of Maryanne
I said she sounds like her tongue would taste like Lucifer’s
With sunset hair and vixen ways to cast her curse
And I was smitten by that vixen on a cloudy day of summertime sin 

I sang my telltale signs of wicked wrong
With my body moving as I did deliver
A song to fill the air headed to Babylon
I tell them of how in lust I did surrender
With the words of my ever sinful song
I became Babylon’s number one contender 

I sang to them of Maryanne
With lips and a tongue tasting just like Lucifer’s
Sunset hair, this vixen cast her curse
And I was utterly doomed and smitten on a cloudy day of summertime sin 

I tasted rain, she tasted pain
We tumbled in the fields of grain
She marked me thrice while I learned to pay the price
Of letting go with a vixen 

They all did cheer me on as I sang my song
On the way down the road to Babylon 


"Sleeping Beast"

Inside you lies a sleeping beast awaiting its welcomed release
The flavor like a feline rare inside to come apart to tear
These visions in my eyes do come like rivers about to overrun
Feed it the darkness; feed it with death, with carrion what it likes best
The temperament like a raging storm and it feels so, so warm
Give it a playtime; let it go, ‘til it settles inside to show
You hold the reigns and still the beast, though it pains ‘til its release 

"Words, Thoughts and my Soul"
Sometimes there are words which emotions know not
and emotions which know no words
Sometimes my thoughts do not make into words
and my words don't match my thoughts
The truth of my words knows neither my heart nor my head
when my heart won't listen to my thoughts
So my thoughts scatter down and my soul wears a frown
without words to make sense of these things

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lucifer's Locket is a Broken Glass Heart

"Clinging Broken Heart"

It's sticking like the glue that won't release
and each place you grasp, you cling
with hands clutched to your chest
held fast
no breath
It's clinging to you like cement inside
weighing you down, can't fight
with feet stuck in an awful rut
stuck deep
no luck
Crawl across the ground to roll and plead
with this clinging sticky thing, just breathe
the weight of the broken heart
holds you
and keep trying



"Breaking Glass"

she shatters mirrors
why? you ask
for erasing errors
with her silver flask
she screams at shadows
while breaking glass
to fall from windows
waiting to pass
the feelings onto the ground below
she shatters mirrors
she must, her task
to erase her errors
and make her mask
to hide from shadows
and in the glass
she throws from windows
hoping to pass
her feelings through the air to fall below



"Give Me a Locket"

ardently, foolery
cannot spell jewelry
nor embrace
crest fallen face
wishful I was
in blackened lace
give me a locket
for my sin
inside a pocket
to keep there in
no illusions to hold
but remnants of old
for a love that never
shall be



"You Look Like Lucifer"

I think this feeling is treason
a love with no reason
Does my heart jest?
Might wings break from my spine
to offer some correction
or heart burst from my breast
to end this ailment
and bring me flight?
Oh, serpentine whisperer
You look like Lucifer
illusions and light for a crest
Catching me dancing
in this love that's entrancing
deliver me from this unrest


Monday, June 10, 2013

Time Burdens


Your burdens on your back are glue to you
like tar but drenched in a hue
that resembles a berry wine
They weigh you down and hold you back
to convey now what you lack
with the ability to say you're fine
They feel so heavy, feel like stones
sing a song that sounds like moans
with your burdens burying you
They weigh you down to sink you dead
beneath the ground above your head
those burdens know what to do
they weigh on you
they weigh on you
So peel them off and throw them down
and trample them, do not frown
but step away and raise your arms
With lighter thoughts and freedom songs
you'll walk away from all those wrongs
no need to hear their loud alarms
just walk away
just walk away
they weighed on you too long, I'd say
just walk away



"Take Your Time"
Graze my shoulder, trace my spine
Lay your head against mine
Take me slow, take your time
Darling, you’re in your prime
Like a dance, like we dine
Let our movements intertwine
If we rush it would be a crime
So take me slow, take your time
Mold your mouth against mine
I will hold no caution sign
Take me slow, take your time
Play my body until I chime
There will be no final finish line
Until we count to sixty-nine
Oh, take me slow, oh take your time
Do not rush this upward climb
Like a smooth, rich, perfect wine
Savor every moment we combine