Monday, June 10, 2013

Time Burdens


Your burdens on your back are glue to you
like tar but drenched in a hue
that resembles a berry wine
They weigh you down and hold you back
to convey now what you lack
with the ability to say you're fine
They feel so heavy, feel like stones
sing a song that sounds like moans
with your burdens burying you
They weigh you down to sink you dead
beneath the ground above your head
those burdens know what to do
they weigh on you
they weigh on you
So peel them off and throw them down
and trample them, do not frown
but step away and raise your arms
With lighter thoughts and freedom songs
you'll walk away from all those wrongs
no need to hear their loud alarms
just walk away
just walk away
they weighed on you too long, I'd say
just walk away



"Take Your Time"
Graze my shoulder, trace my spine
Lay your head against mine
Take me slow, take your time
Darling, you’re in your prime
Like a dance, like we dine
Let our movements intertwine
If we rush it would be a crime
So take me slow, take your time
Mold your mouth against mine
I will hold no caution sign
Take me slow, take your time
Play my body until I chime
There will be no final finish line
Until we count to sixty-nine
Oh, take me slow, oh take your time
Do not rush this upward climb
Like a smooth, rich, perfect wine
Savor every moment we combine



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