Friday, May 31, 2013

You're the Wind

Sometimes we reach out not seeking something we can touch
instead we just reach to feel the wind
knowing that the air will caress around our hands
but never stay for us to hold
Sometimes I wish to use my words to tell you just how much
you've taught me of letting go, but then
I remember you'd never fully understand
if I tried to use words so bold
Sometimes I wonder what would happen if ever I could clutch
you right to my breast wrapped in
where you'd hear my beating heart and
long to fit inside my mold
but I remember you're the wind
and one can't hold onto you


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stutter, Sing and Grow

"Singing Night"

but what of angels' wings
and forlorn songs
where whisperings
float through the night
to caress the trees
and open you
to insightful things?
the inspiration I was seeking
came about within my needing
sitting in the woods and dreaming
might the night upon me singing
wake my soul into it's breathing
and carry me back to me?



"Sputtering and Stuttering"

what a jumbled mess i am
in streams of thoughts
and paper pans
and holding signs that read no words
but gestures of what
cannot be heard
i am stuttering mentally
sputtering internally
on all this mess
these weary days i am unraveling
but who can say what shall come next?
what a jumbled mess i am
in screams of silence
with thrown up hands
and holding signs that stare back in white
with no words of what
shall ever be heard
i am stuttering mentally
sputtering internally
on all this forsaken mess
these lonely days i've been traveling
but who can say where i will end up next?




Ashen carpet, darkened days
in rivulets left in the haze
those mournful times now let it be
just a portion of this history
for though the signs be startling
and changed upon and beneath
letting it be and letting it go
just wait for life again to grow


Monday, May 20, 2013

Reaching You in a Tree

"Reaching Out"

My knowledge comes from the edge of my hands
these fingers, not plans
my learning
where beauty and prose
meet purpose; I chose
to learn through reaching
out my hand
to know
the world



"Cardinal in my Tree"

There was this sight that I did see
Inside the leaves of the willow tree
A flash of red, what else could it be
But a cardinal in my favorite tree?
With feathers of red to catch my eye
And remind me of hopes from by and by
That little bird in my favorite tree
I should like to paint in ink on me
Inside the leaves of the willow tree
To remind me of hope for you and me 


"Be You"

give them a reason to stare
they'll stare anyway
give them a reason to talk
they'll talk anyway
they'll waste their time behind your back
so give them a reason so they won't lack
with things to say
and ways to pray
for your troubled soul they marked as such
and said you have gotten out of touch
and said you have fallen down a hole
and they all pray for your damned soul
give them a reason to stare
they will always stare away
give them a reason to talk
they'll waste time talking all day
but don't you worry your heart now
be who you are now


By: Elizabeth Azpurua


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Barren Fear

i wish i knew
why my words have failed
and left this place
so barren now
for my silenced heart
has choked on air
that i nearly refused
these lungs


tearless, not fearless
not weightless
nor free
but mindless in
while now
losing me