Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Circus

Summer days in the
breeze, carted off in a
dream by fairies; the lightning bugs
like circus lights
and elephants thieves at the tent
take away your memories
come autumn time
and keep them like soldiers in
a fort
Lazy days of dreams gone by like
a mushroom hides from
the sky and you forget the warmth
and hide for a while;
a hidden thing in a costume;
I've fallen for the fake diamond
stolen by the elephants
caught in a dream by fairies which
battle lightning bugs in July,
and carry poems tucked inside
their fancy circus clothes
and steal away the
raspberries while the
stables close their doors
unable to pay rent
to the unicorn
My summer days spent in
the breeze wilst the flies
battle their memory thieves; the
elephants with their masks of
toucan feathers
And then come the stars and come the shine
like diamonds cut from the fake heart
sparkle forth above
and the lightning bugs seem benign
cart away my soul
to leave me here
and then the fairies ride unicorns
towards the circus tent

By Elizabeth Azpurua on 6/25/09

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