Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sunny Boy Keep the Key From Him

"You, Him and Him"

it's late and i'm wide awake thinkin of you
and thinkin of him
and thinkin of him
and i don't know
what am i doin now i don't know
it's all a mess inside my head
crowded thoughts are sinkin in
who will say what is comin down?
i don't know this time around
i'm thinkin of you and thinkin of him
and yes, thinkin of him, too
he's a fool, so are you
but i know you will never know
never know
how close i came to goin back to you
it's late and im wide awake thinkin of nothin
and i'm gonna sleep well thinkin of him
not you, nor him, but him
and i am not turnin round
pushin those thoughts back down
i don't wanna go there again now



"Box Without a Key"

You took it all away in a box
wrapped in red ribbon and a black cord
and sealed with a silver lock
and a brand on the side in your blood
I had given it all to you after I
fought so hard to retrieve it from him
and delivered it in a envelope sealed
with my farewell kiss
But you never are going to keep that box
it'll stay sealed up tight, satin tied and lined
containing pieces of me
I had fought for in my own blood
I'd gotten it from him for you
Never mind now it's locked away
Luckily, you don't have the key



"My Sunny Boy"

My sunny boy you are the ray of light
this warm humid summertime
don't run away yet
The ones before were all metal armor shields
one was silver coated
and the other black
But you are like the summer sun with rays of light
and you are not a shield for me to try to get behind
No, you are all growth and warmth and feeling happy
and light
And they were metal, cold and steel, and waiting for
a fight
My sunny boy you are the setting sun for me
and the rising come each morning I awake to see
and I'm not sure where I'd be otherwise
The ones before were battle scarred and carrying their grief
hidden things behind their shields
But you are out here alive and free
You're just all growth and warmth and feeling happy
and light
And they're only metal, cold and steel, and waiting on
a fight
My sunny summer boy of joy
Don't you run away
And I'll stay a while beneath your light
and fear where I'd be otherwise


All by Elizabeth Azpurua

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