Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Last Balloon (explicit)


"One Last Balloon"

If I poke at the wounds, am I a bitch?
I insist that you reclaim your weary heart now
If I turn away and slip on my mask
does that make me an accessory to your destruction
or am I just a coward here?
It's not the way I had planned this party to end
The final number was bloody with black letters
in the shapes of angry words on the walls
and I should say it's my fault
for inviting you
But I thought the cake would be enough to
cease your hunger
So I let it go and grab the salt and say "come here"
rub inside those scars, get the message now
and hope my signal becomes clear
and I know I'm wrong for it
turning a blind eye behind grey feathers
and I'll close my eyes too
and pretend I never knew what to do about this
My party was a wreck
and I burned all the wrapped up gifts
popped the balloons and painted the walls a fresh
crisp white
Then I rolled out the red carpet and told the kids
to come and play
while I counted individual salt grains
wearing a mask of grey
and holding one last balloon
singing stupid songs wearing cheap perfume
take your silly heart and the cake I made for you and
eat it all
I've got salt to count
and a carpet cleaner to call

By Elizabeth Azpurua

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