Monday, July 19, 2010

Beautiful? Happiness?

"Happy Charade"
you weren't happy, were you?
but you put that stupid face paint on
wrote smiling faces on your arms
and gave yourself fake eyelashes
curled your red ribboned hair
and spoke in fancy dialects
so people would want to be close to you
and hear your fake accents
i knew the truth behind the charade
and knew the real you since you were a boy
you can claim in all your glitter paints
but I've seen the truth before
you weren't happy, and i know
and you'll make them believe it was so
but in all you acting you forgot
who was the one who made the clothes
you're wearing?
who watched you break the mirrors?
who watched you speak in shivers?
who held your hand as you laid in your own grief?
i know beneath your starry eye lids and under
those flowers on your cheeks
is a boy who played the happy one was he
but you never were
and i know you weren't
so get the stupid act out of the way
it's ok
it's ok
it's ok



"Deep Beauty"

she has eyes like pond water
sort of like dirty shoes
and maybe lettuce that sat too long outside
she has hair like hay bails
like saw dust spun in strands
and horses may all follow her like she offers dinner
she walks like she owns half the world
and like her toes are golden
like the carpet beneath her is red instead of grey
her nails are brittle, face unclean
and her thoughts like ash
burned hopelessly down to cinders of nothing
she preaches peace and speaks in cruelty
cautions against lies but lacks all honesty
burns down the witches after calling them hers
and shouts out at God after denying His words
she was the princess who begged saving
so she could drown her prince
and the moat is still holding his body captive
her lips are the underbelly of war ships
and the aftermath of explosions
is left marking her tongue like a branded truth
some call her beautiful
but her beauty runs deep


By Elizabeth Azpurua

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